5 things u don’t know about me….:D

i have been taged by naryat,thanx naryat, its my first one , 2e7teret sho bede 2aktob ,but at 

the end i choose these:-

1) i enjoy and like doing things by myself (hand working) , its a great feeling when u

do things by your hands,u know ,even if its a simple one ,these r some of what

i have done :-




2) well naryat i love these stories ,we used to read them when were a kids ,untill now

 they r found in shops ,and my little brother read them too….:),

i kept  them in my shelves:-


3) i have the cuttest doll ever seen in this word  :D,   BELAL….


by the way recently he got a friend , called “za3tar” naryat’s doll……:)

4) i don’t know what to say , well, my name is hedaya ……..:)

5)my favourite cartoon when i was akid untill now is  <sally > ……o 2a7la 7alqa

2a5er  wa7da lama nezlat be fos6anha el 2a9far 3la el darag………..:D


sorry i will not tag any one ,coz i don’t now any one here  yet …….thats it ……:)


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. nice post..i guess you managed it better than me… and do Naryat have a Doll

  2. 7abibiiiii Bilal.. zaman 3anno! 😀
    walla i got a pic for za3tar and was thinking of posting it.. hala2 TA7ATTAM el post looool
    I had a HUGE amount of stories! elmaktabe el5adra2,w qesasi eljameela, a mesh 3aref shu… i kept them for a longtime, bs olt la7ali ya benet ekbari, w waza3t-hum 3al atfal eli 7awalai looooooooooool 😀

  3. andyes Hisham, i do 😀

  4. hisham,
    thanx gabaret be5a6ree alah yogbor be5a6rak….:D
    we r waiting 4 za36ar pic……:) ,and maybe some day i will 2awze3hom(sho ha el gomla hai!!! beda7ek……:D ) but when ,i don’t know, i guess when i will be called POST GRADUATE ,ya3ni bnkon kbernalna shwai……:)

  5. Tab tell you a secret?
    ana ma waza3t-hum kulhum! 😀
    5alet 3endi majallat miki, superman, lulu, bissatelree7, bassim, welmu3’amarat elmusawara lol

  6. Wenek? 🙂
    Wen ro7ti 2anese hedaya?
    Shu kolkom day3een? 😀

  7. 3ammo belal kaman tsharafna b ma3reftak 🙂
    And I now yr name now! Be afraaaaaaaaaaaaaaid ,, be veeeeery afraid ,, *evilish laugh*

    * did u just call me silly! I heard that 😦 , loool


  8. OMG ……..O_o
    this post is sooooo old ayam el lolooooo lazem ash6oboooo fadaye7 shoo had ?!!! kol hai el ashya2 kabet-hom zaman heheh 😛
    o kaman 7a66a 2esmeee ?!!!! :PPPP
    allah ysam7ak ana ma 7akeet o el denia ramadan ma be9eer a7kee 2eee o kaman 2enta mo haik akeed 😀

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