Dissociative Fugue Disorder….


here i am again , it have been long time for my last post ,whose else ??? except exams that will make me invisible…….:) we took madet psychiatric hada el fa9el, one of the disorders that i choose to tell u about is  FUGUE,   i felt  that its some  thing  really interesting to know about.

CAN U IMAGINE that any one can forget that he/she has a family ,kids ,working at some where……..o ya u can imagine that ,coz that what happened in FUGUE DISORDER….here we come:-

 DEFINITION :-  its a sudden ,unexpected travel away from home ,or customary place ,with inability to recall some or all of one’s past.

CHARACTERISTICS :- person cannot recall his idendity and assumes a new one ,during the fugue state they completley forget their past,and unawre that thay have forgotten something,their new idendity may be a simple one (exp. 3amel 3la 2ad 7alo  be kazyia ,or baya3 be ma7al) or can be more complex one(exp. engage in complex interpersonal and occupational activities and is more socially gregarious(2egtema3ee ziadah 3an el lozom)and uninhibited than was his or her previous style. when the FUGUE state is over (which is usually short lasting from hours – days or rarely months)  ,he will remember his previous life ,his family ,kids,,job…..etc and forget his current new idendity,so  he will be found wandering and in a somewhat confused and in  frightened condition coz finding himself  in an unfamiliar place ,  in this period they r often picked up by the police or may be sent to hospitals, and keep asking where i am?!! what iam doing here?!!

ETIOLOGICAL IMPLICATION :-  People with dissociative disorders chronically escape their reality in involuntary, unhealthy ways ranging from suppressing memories to assuming alternate identities. These dissociative patterns usually develop as a reaction to trauma and function to keep difficult memories at bay,this disorder may occur under circumstances that a person might understandably wish to evade something .Many fugues seem to represent a disguised wish fulfillment (for example, an escape from overwhelming stresses , such as divorce or financial ruin or traumatic experience that overwhelms the individual capacity to cope with,like wars, severe physical ,sexual ,or psychological abuse by a parent or significant other  ). Other fugues are related to feelings of rejection or separation, or they may protect the person from suicidal or homicidal impulses.

TREATMENT :-  Although patients with dissociative fugue often recover spontaneously, medical observation may serve the patient in providing insight and safety during the episode. Patients should be treated with psychotherapy with additional hypnosis and psychopharmacology in order to allow integration of feelings, anxieties associated with the fugue, it happeneds one time and recurrence  is uncommon.

i read  this in the internet :-·  Agatha Christie – Mystery writer Agatha Christie went missing for eleven days in 1926. Her car was found abandoned on the road with some belongings strewn about the area. She was later found living in a hotel under a different name. In a 2006 biography, author Andrew Norman proffered the theory that the mysterious disappearance of Christie was attributable to a fugue state. ·  i don’t know maybe thats happened really to her , thats it today enjoy it …….:)   



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  1. Ya sater! 😦
    it s all psychological, right?
    I mean its differentthan Alzaimer (i don’t know if i miss spelled it!), it has no clinical reasons, right?

  2. lah lah laish ya sater …..:D ya ,its one of the psychological disorders,alzheimer is a different story,fugue is one of the anxiety-related disorders,as i said in the the etiological section its reasons,and some theories suggest that some changes in the brian cause it ,specifically in the neorological system……….
    alzheimer is a type of amnesia(el 5araf) but u know ,psychological disorders is connected to each other ; u can find SOME signs and symptoms in more than one disorder, for example loss of memory founded in both of them,but in alzheimer is progressive (in stages) and irreverseable but in fugue is suddenly and reversible ……

  3. qabbani , ya psychological …….yemken 2e7na met3awdeen 2eno el el marda el nafseen kolhom maganeen ….

  4. I tried to understand what is the illness but I guess… I hope that all of us dont ever face such problems.
    Thinking about it sometimes it is good to leave and forget about everything..to have a new start… but for sure it is good for looners who have no family or freinds.

  5. psychological …
    lool not really maganeen as to me

    and for example ME am kind of psycho man 🙂 but not majnoon 😛

  6. el 7amdellah 3la ne3met el 3a2el ow el deen.

    so …. what the subject all about again? :S

  7. qabbani, u r interested in psychiatric!! ……thanx god that i found some one here like me…….
    mu3az , kol had o ma 3refet el subject lesa ……:)

  8. mu3az akeed 2nta 3m temza7…….:D

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