Cheating in games……


before 3 days ago i want to the games store to buy a game on play station 2 ……i pick up a horror one(called hunting ground)  2al ya3ni shoga3ah 2e7m 2e7m…..actually its a  beautiful game nothing  horror so far, but the thing that  upset me that i spend hours searching 4 a solution to open a door ,but i didn’t  find how ,oh what a clever person i am  :D…… ,u know when u play games u will have an experience in finding solutions to things,BUT THIS NO  NO….so i decide to find the solution in the net by cheeeeeeeeeeeating ……….ya ya bravooooooo, thanx 4 all who wrote these sites, actually i don’t advice u to take solutions from these sites and play,BUT if anyone spend an hours and hours and nothing found ………….why not ? find the solution and keep going ………….my littile bro saw me and begin a new song  saying  to me(pointing his finger to me) u r a cheater  ,u r a cheater…….:) , one of the games called THE SILENT HILL 4 (THE ROOM), i hate hate hate this game , all the ghosts keep run after u o ya rait bemoto, they will be alive all the time , when i first play it was at night i remember throwing the hand of playstation and run out of the room screaming ……..:D and my bro laughing at me ….actually horror is not my favourite ,i like more adventure games,like PRINCE OF PERSIA , SOUL REAVER , HITMAN , nibiru……….




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  1. LOOL

    hitmail is nice , i dont play but good in get cheates 😀

  2. This is why I play Chess and only Chess

  3. I love these games!
    My favourites are resident evil and tomb raider…
    marra i was playing tomb raider, and we were stuck in a cave… no straight walls, nothing obviuos, just a CAVE!
    i & my sisters tried looking for a solution in a cheating site, and we found it! shufu balla shu kan maktoob:
    stand up facing east…
    how the hill should i know where is east!! b7kilkom be ma3’ara!
    loooooooooooooool 😀

  4. qabbani , thanx i will check it soon………:)
    jad , yala 2a7sanlak men wag3et ha el ras……:)
    naryat , waw fe 7ada zaye be7eb yel3ab , resident evil and tomb raider… r best of the best i play them too ….:D try this game hunting ground i can say its one of the best games i have played ,its graphics ,sounds , dimension unbelievable …….nice to hear that u play games too……..:D

  5. I was addicted to TombRaider! I adore this game…
    but now i dont have time to play games! 😦 although they are my addiction…
    my work is waaaaay long, i arrive home around 7 pm every day..
    w have tes3een sha3’le asaweeha laljam3eye w ashya2 o5ra
    bs im enjoying my crowded life! 😀

  6. hey kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer b7b hl al3ab o malo el ro3ob kteer b7bo THE SILENT HILL 4 (THE ROOM) hay 7ewleh !

  7. naryat , i think that there will b some day for me too that i will say : i don’t have time to play , u know when person gets responsibilities or job he/she will not have any time for that …….:) yalla 3la el 2aqal benseer n2ool kona nel3ab…….:D

    aya , well i guess i will send to u SILENT HILL 4 CD coz i don’t think so i will play it any more…….:D bas ya salam 3alaike 3n gad shoga3ah…….:)

  8. eli bo’3osh allah b7o6o bel nar 😛

    Gawi galbek ya bnt jeebi ro3ob 😀

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