somtimes i sit thinking and wondering why do people in this life isn’t satisfied and always keep complaining about thier life,no on is happy , the rich want to become more richer and the poor want to become a rich ……….always it is the money !!!!  isn’t there anything in life more importent than money ,i am with u that the problems and complexity of life have become unbelevable, and i believe that the money solve alot of issues and make our life more comfortable, 2en allah yo7eb 2an yara 2athar ne3matehe 3la 3abdeh as our prophet mo7amad said PBUH, all your life collecting your wealth and at the end died THATS IT?!!! mony isn’t the key 4 happiness( athough it participate in making it), there is a rich  people and not happy !!! There is a key that is more importent which in my opinion is the key 4 happinnes which let u to be satisfied in your life and feel happy , which is feeling peace with your self , and filling that spiritual gap that all we have, being more closer to god.Believe me even when u have a piece of bread or a glass of water and being in a good health with that inner peace u will be the happiest person on this earth ……

Let me ask u a Q u may never think about it ,when any one become conservative or let me say motadayen he/she will skip thing he/she used to do(put boundaries or restrictions) just for god,take this example he/she will skip being in unneceary 7aflat mo56ala6a or to pray at mosque every day,or may delete video clips channel…..whatever….

The main point that i meant here ,why would any one left these joyful things in life?has  he/she found somthing more joyful?!!!think a bout it leaving zenat al 7ayat al donia 4 what?!!!there must b something more valuable than these, u would probably said yes i know its 4 paradise ,and i said thats right 4 al 2a5era , but what about al donia???what did they find ?i believe that the answer would be 7alawat 2al 2eman , i hear this expression always and asking god to give it to us, all 2enshalah…………:)our prophet mo7amad PBUH said (7ofat al ganat be el makareh ,wa 7ofat al nar be al shahawat) and also said bma ma3nah (سيأتي يوما على أمتي القابض على دينه كالقابض على الجمر)

yama fe nas kol 7ayathom wain ray7een o wain gayeen ,el 7aya ma5dethom kteeeeeeeeer la daraget fesh wa2et yfakro be el deen o 3la 2l 2arga7 mosh 5a6er 3a balhom…..

i am with going outside , go ,work , have a fun ,live your life as if its your last day,,build your country…..don’t lock your self in your house …..but i am with putting boundaries to your behaviours,doing anything in this life just to please god and 4 god  …….u may tried every thing in this life ,why not trying to be more closer to god ,

يقول الله تعالى أنا عند ظن عبدي بي وأنا معه إذا ذكرني فإن ذكرني في نفسه ذكرته في نفس وإن ذكرني في ملأ ذكرته في ملأ خير منهم وإن تقرب إلي شبرا تقربت إليه ذراعا وإن تقرب إلي ذراعا تقربت إليه باعا وإن أتاني يمشي أتيته هرولة‏.‏


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. Very encouraging post, Thank you!

    It seems our personalities became weak because we are not close to Islam and when you are weak you will fall in such trouble, god save us all.

  2. 🙂
    Ur cousines qoute: “Life without islam is empty and meaningless”
    All rights reserved for mr. abu7ina 😉

  3. jad , u r right …….:) fe 7adeth hala2 tzakarto lama 7kait :god save us all…….bma ma3nah ,our prophet said : ma 7ada befoot el gana be 2a3malo bas , laken be ra7met rabna kaman, ya3ni ma 7ada t3’oro 2a3malo 7ata law kanat mne7a …..so really may allah sava us that day and forgive us 4 our mistakes…..

    naryat , ya 3aine 3alaike fhemtene 3a el 6ayer…..i think mr abu7ina talked about same subject, but every one have his own way in expression and explain……:)

  4. Sure 3azizti…
    We all have the same ideas, same motivations, same goal…
    But each one of us adds his own touch when he expresses the idea…
    May God help us all…
    “Allah ye7fazek” 😉

  5. Your absolutely right in every word you said sis, every day i thank god for being a muslim i’m here abroad and i can see it as my strength and guidance through my life.

    Allah yhdi el jamee3 🙂

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