,,,The beauty ,,,

i  am glad to intoduce  u to  the most biggest cat i have ever seen in the world…..


LEO LIVES IN LONDON (wa9el….:) ),too laaaaaazy cat be2olo 2eno sheraze ,

if u want to kick him out the room , da bo3dak…:) u simply will find yourself

forced to pick him from the floor in order to kick him out…..LoOoOoOoOol


actually  taking pic of the beautiful things around us is a very interesting thing ,if a

group of people is asked to take a pic of a beautiful view infront of them every person

will take a pic different from others , chosing the perfect corner and the dimension

that  seems to b the best, i think that taking pic is a way to express the inner beauty of your own

spirit …

clouds above london { taken by my bro mu3az }


7ALIVA…..a circassian pastry , mo3ganat sharkasya bten7asha ba6a6 2w gebna sharkasya…..




About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

Posted on March 24, 2007, in kashkol. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. nice new theme and nice pictures girl… keep the good work.

  2. loooooooooooooooooooool
    I loved the cat! 😀 he is sooooooooooo lovely.. m3 eno sheklo 3m befaker b2eshi shereer! hehe…
    and the clouds pic is soooo amazing…
    and jawa3tini bel 7aliva! 😦

  3. hisham thanx , nice u like it,enshalah i will keep taking pics….:)


    thanx god ,the voices didn’t come back again at least for leo….looool
    wala 2eno mskeen ma be3mal 2eshe sherer qe6 mosalem….:D nice u like the pic…..:)

  4. i like the mo3ajabat …


    why u post all this same time .. LooL

    5ali she for coming day hehe

  5. qabbani , i think u meen the mu3aganat…loool 3ngad zakyeen ….:)
    bedak 2yane 2aktob b el ta29e6…lol
    ana ya dob bala2e wa2et aktob post o lama ykon 3ende 2eshe 2a7ke 5alas lazem 2a7ke ma ba2dar 2a2aglo….lol

  6. Bes 3ajeeb Leo 😀 lazim nlagelo sabeh 7elweh

    Flying is amazing looking down from the window you realize how small you are in this world 😉

    7liva 😦 wallah zmaaaaaaaaaan

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