child abuse…


a painfull issue that touched me in deep when you see a pure child that have been abused physically or emotionally, neglect  ,maltreated  ….really  his/her  sickness not coz he/she has a physical disease or a chronic illness  , just coz he/she was neglect ,maltreated by their mothers and fathers , really there is a mothers  that doesn’t deserve to b called so , a child can die from a minor disease if neglected and doesn’t recieve the proper treatments……there is mothers that r DULL  ,and sorry for telling you that , you can see that from here face , doesn’t know the basic principles of motherhood , her job is just bringing that child to this world and thats it…..unbelievable ,simply she just doesn’t care , you simply figure it out through the bounding between the child and thier parents……alot of people doesn’t recognize that the emotional abuse is more affecting the child than the physical one , bad and degraded words that are used by us every single day really shaking child ‘s self esteem and personality….every single world doesn’t pass that easy . it will take a piece of self esteem with it ,why we don’t make a habit to say somthing nice or not o say anything at all , does nurturing need those words?couldn’t we just  criticize the behavior not the person ? the behaviour is the  bad not you……

an amazing video that summarizes it all , listen to the words of the song its really expresses  child abuse



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  1. So touching…
    and really bad how some people act this way to their own children…

  2. very sad…

  3. we are lucky to be moslims 🙂
    when they say about moslims world they generaly accuse the moslims to terrors or inhumain so we look togethr about who accuse
    The Roman Catholic Church has been the focal point of a great deal of public anger. Unfortunately, it has been largely misdirected:
    bullet The vast majority of abuse by priests who victimize persons under the age of 18 has taken the form of hebephilia 1 — involving post-pubertal children who are often 16 or 17 years of age.
    bullet Yet most of the public has the impression that most of the abuse is pedophilia 2 — involving young, pre-pubertal children.
    just look for this news it is not in jordan 🙂

    In 2004-FEB, CNN was able to view a draft copy of a survey prepared by the church. It reveals that 4,450 of the 110,000 Roman Catholic clergy (4%) who served between 1950 and 2002 have been accused of molesting minors. This has resulted in 11,000 individual abuse claims filed against Catholic clergy during that interval

  4. الحمد لله على دين الاسلام دين الوسطية الذي أباح للإنسان التعبد والعيش الطبيعي لإشباع رغباته البشرية …..
    شكرا استاذ سامي للمرور والتعليق ….:-)

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