i have been tagged by mr.qabbani & mr.hisham…….loOoOoOl

here we go :-

1- If there was a fire at your house and you could save only one thing (item) what would that be?

ba3taqd dorg el 9war ta3ee + mobile el dabdob 7abobe….

2- What is the most embarrassing situation you have been in?

really even it well b embarrasing to any one , i just simply didn’t consider it  , coz it could b happened to any one and ba3raf   2a6ale3 7alee men el mawqef  bdon ma 2a3tabro 2no kan fe3lan mo7reg  loooool and just keep laughing  about it ….., i remember one situation happened to us when we were in our 3rd year practicing in a hospital in ER,we usually don’t say anything in arabic infront of our patients, coz some of them when  know that we are students they refuse to give them medication or make a blood extraction …….etc ,fe menhom be3’ero ra2eyhom bas ya3rafoo 2ena men el tecno loooool ,   so i was  standing beside a group of my colleagues when one of them want to make a blood of extracion to an old male patient, he wrongly say in arabic : 5alena NGAREB be el 2wal hon ….o ya rait ma 7akaha , balashlak el 5etyar : sho 2ento betgarbo fena ,ma bede te3malee….o hat 2o3od fahem fee 2eno mosh haik el 2a9d o 2eno blood extraction zai 1+2 =3 3ena…..lOoOoOL 

hada yom o hadak yom 9aro kolhom 2aganeb ,walahe ….:D  o 5odlak 3ad 2etha el mareed 6ele3  befham engleze……looooool

3- If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change?

really nothing , my life is full of a wonderfull memories, my childhood ,life, was more than amazing , really don’t have any thing that i regret about it at all or want to change al 7amdolelah,

ohhhh……..  i remembered  one thing now , i regret  2ene ma 2enganait o sharait a  scotter (ele bel3abo 3alah el 2a6fal bas  fe wa7ad zayo la el kbar 7agmo 2akbar )  for ridding in our uni  between el kolyat..really more fun than a bike….o laish 3nd el 2aganeb  beso2o scotters in thier uni?o 3ena la2? …..looool (6ab3an el fekra 2egatne lama kont sanfora o had shai2 6abe3ee 3nd el sanafer ) 

  i don’t know should i really regret  about it or not? really cool when u will b the 1st one to ride a scotter in your uni , fa 2anta 7enha sawfa takon me7war al qel wa al qal  , making a revolution to a scotters world….loooool 😀


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. thanks for answers 🙂

  2. welcome any time….:)

  3. LooooooooooL
    3anjad… nahfe!
    I think all first year students do think of a scooter… but i really thought of sth different… a motorcycle… w still dreaming of it… mesh scooter, l2, motorcycle kbeer, bs sure not in Jordan… may be if i went to live in Canada or London…
    Or may be then my dreams will grow for a small plane… may be! 😀

  4. ya walee motorcycle ………mosh ma3gool , t5ayalee kol el shela m3 ba3ad kol wa7ad 3a motorcycle o yala ya walo ele be2areb like the american way…..looool

  5. la tzakreeeeni be 2ayyam el tecno allah ya5aleeeki

  6. Scooooooooooooooooter >:) hla 3ami

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