my graduation day

and it was on tuesday 19/6……

the day that i have waited since 4 years finally came , although i was soo happy i was also sad because the day that i will find myself saying goodby to my uni(j.u.s.t) has come …..

really u find yourself has contrdictive feelings …..

i wil not leave u my uni  i promise to visit u always and a i will return  in the coming future enshalah…..

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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. JUST is strange…

    I did the impossible to leave it as fast as I could… finished in 4.5 years instead on 5, but still I felt strange at my graduation day… I guess really I miss the people the most… and that life style in Irbid with guys…
    Shellih always wants to go there to remebr the old days… but I guess we still hate JUST… but miss it too

  2. Alf Alf mabrook…
    Although in my graduation day enlata3na belshams w en7ara2na la shbe3na, bs still i enjoyed🙂 it was a great day, full of surprises… aslan the fact that i graduated in the same party with my dearest friend ever, Fara7 Bazadough was a great pleasure😀

    Enshalla menha la 23la sweeti, btestahali kol 5air… w be sure ur uni misses u too😉

  3. يا لهوي إيه دا كله دنا ملحقتش أكتب وبقي عندي إتنين كومنت يلهوي…..لووووووووووووووول
    mr.hisham, layeh da kolo walah the uni and student life in j.u.s.t is amazing and i miss it soo much ,bas walahe el handasah 3ena mosh galelah bte6la3 3yonhom el 6olab la yet5aragoo kont 2asma3 3nhom go9a9 5a9atan m3 ba3d el dakatra …looool, and sure also the life in irbed is beautiful ,i love irbed soo much at least there isn’t any trafic jam here …;)
    naryat, yom el ta5reeg ma ro7t bakeer ya3nee gabel besa3ah bekafee la2eno kan fe3lan yomha shams o 7ata ha el sa3a zheget ma fee she te3malee ‘3er tog3ode وya3nee, 2ama yom el brova 2a5adet ma3ee shamseyah kont el wa7eda ga3da m3 shamseyah gal zai el 2amerat 9adaget 7alee , u have graduated with your best friend and i have graduated with my best dad coz their faculty was in the same day of us ,my dad isn’t a student …..:D he is teacher….
    mmmmm do i feel sometimes that we have something every time in common or alike…..looooooooool
    tnx nora kolek zoooooooooooo2 walahe u deserve the best…..;)

  4. الحمدلله انه الجامعة خلصت على خير
    الله يوفقك و منها لاعلى ان شاء الله🙂

  5. Hehe…
    wallahi Alf mabrook Hedaya…
    As I said… Five years in JUST wont be forgotten easily…

  6. loooooool
    When i asked ur brother Mu3az iza bye3raf bent 7inaweyeh be irbid he answered: i think u r talking about my sister hedaya… when i said yes she is hedaya 2ali 2aaaaaaaa sa7bet hedayaaaa bedi a2ool wen shayfek loooooool
    actually 2na 2oltelo ana la 3omri ejet 3endkom wala shoftni bs its that we are almost same type😉
    teslami ya 2ameera… wish the best ya cutest orange 3l blogosphere @);–.

  7. na3ouri , tnx ….:) 3o2bal ma tshof 7ala met5arga o tefra7 feha….loool

    hisham , sho bede 2agool 2ento 6olab el handasa no one can convince u 3agelkom mhandas 3a barnamag mo3ayan…..:D

    naryat , me 2 when mu3ath told me about u he said bteshbahoo ba3ad nafs el type ….looooooooool

  8. Mabroooooooook Sis🙂

    Hedaya enti ow naryat nos5et carboon😀

  9. alah ybarek feek 3ogbalak…:) walah haik shekloo looooool

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