So it have been along time I didn’t post anything , actually I was soo busy and not in a mood to write , my brother has traveled last week after spending his vacation with us , so because  the vacation was short we used every single day to go  her and their ,visiting garabah, going to picnic ,playing basketball which is the thing that I couldn’t b a professional in the presence of my brother although I guess he will admit that I am really  good  in throwing the ball  from the 3 points area…looooolAnyway we spent lovely days and a good one …..may allah bless him o ywafgoo JAnd because I have graduated from uni , my brother decided to buy me a present , but after some investigations  he knew that I like to take photos and capture every special moments , so he decided to buy me a camera ….when i saw it my heart goes fast and i was soo happy because i always wish to have my own camera ….its 7.2 Mega pixels , and can handile approx. 380 shots ,its price differ her in jordan than from Europe in about 100 JD ……





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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. I’m going to miss you all 😦 … ‘3orbeh ow akh ya ‘3orbeh …. Some people just going out of Jordan and they don’t realize that they leaving a treasure behind ….

  2. By the way check this one:

  3. ya welcome back and Mabrook 🙂

    i thought u get Pink one 🙂

    its a nice cam 🙂 , just be careful in charging it , try to Full it , then when it get battery low Recharge it Lithium battery need little more care 🙂

    o let see 2bda3atek

  4. Allah y5aleekom laba3ad ya Rab!!
    I wish i could come to the bazar lelet ma 7keeto m3i, i would have seen you!
    Bs el 2yam jaye 🙂
    Mu3az barra Allah ykoon m3o o yhawen 3aleeh el 3’orbeh bs Hedaya hon 😀 once u come to 3amman and u find urself free just gimme a call… bensee3 sawa 😉 o b3arfek 3a my sisters o my friends, sure r7 t7ebbu b3ad 🙂

  5. 2a o btw MABROOOOOOOK le new cam 😀
    enshalla beji l7zat kteeeeer 7elwe tsawreeha fiha @);–.

  6. Nice camera 7.2M, great pictures you will take.

  7. awal she mabroook elt7’arooj w el camera… really nice one….

    allah y7’leelek a7’ooky inshalla w ywafako w y7fazo w yjeebo belsalameh really el27′ ya jama3a ma bet3awad… w sara7a wojoodo kteer mohem 3shan t7es belra7a w el2man…..

    w welcome back…. yalla sheddy elhemmeh…:)

  8. mu3az , we all will miss u too , may allah b with u and bless u ……..:)
    sho ha el video ele bebakee had , la 3n gad 7eloo 6age3 …….:D

    qabbani , allah ybarek feek ….la el silver 2a7la lol, ya i read it in the manual book tnx for your advice 😀 2ebda3atee fe 6areqeha enshalah ….

    naryat , allah ybarek feke ,allah y5aleke o ydemek la 2ahlek o 2a7babek…..7abebte 2ente 🙂
    sure el 2yam gai enshalah , yai your sisters , 2aked zayek karamesh ;p
    enshalah we will arrange 6al3ah ……….:D

    hisham , ya tnx 🙂

    bahloul , tnx alot 🙂
    mazboo6 kteer befre2 lama ykon el 2a5 hon ……..tnx for your comment 🙂

  9. ولكم باك

    و مبروك الكاميرا .. عاد هسا من يوم و طالع بدي اشوف صور عندك عالبلوغ

  10. hala hala mr na3ouri , allah ybarek feek , wala yhemak ra7 2a9awerelkom 7asharat irbid enshalah ……..looooooooool 😀

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