The three poles post ..:-)

The 1st pole :

didn’t u read the same title (ya3nee mo kteer the same )some where in another blog  mmm ??!!…. 

yep u r right…..::clapping::

in naryat’s blog …….yahoooooooo

but i have 3 poles and she has 2 poles….looooooool 😀

u can say it , come on ……:)

okay i have jealous…..(“.) la2 la2 , ma 3enah b el 2eslam 7asad 3enah ‘3eb6ah , so ana na2eet 3enwan gareeb la 3enwan post ha……lol

2akeed 2akeed 3am te7koo : yeeeeee 3alaina sho hal go9a hai zayoo o mosh zayoo 2edena el mofeed…..looooooool el mofeed in the other poles 😀  

 The 2nd pole :

so here i am …..looool 🙂

i know  it has been a long time from my last post , actually i was diving and sailing in the sea of life , windy weather at one side and calm in the other one, facing pirates and sharks in the middle of the angry ocean ,no one can know the real life except those who work and contact with others , that rosy world most af us believe in when we was young  dosen’t even exist …… something in my head keeps telling me :

 HeDaYa .. WeLcOmE To ThE rEaL wOrLd

bas ana ba2olo : ma fashar

wOrLd  WeLcOmE To HeDaYa ….loooool

don’t get me wrong ,i am happy in my work al7amdolelah , its a gift that god has gave it to me,tnx god  ,helping others in releasing thier pain and suffering …and its a way to remember always that we r in transient life that dosen’t deserve to b angry or sad from anyone , those sights of patients  who r very young suffereing from diseases or that  son that ran to his mom crying, kissing her hands to forgive him before she dies for every moment he has done a mistake that hurts  her ,all those sights never leaves my head ,work has clap me right away on my face to wake up and know how a blessed person i am just because i am healthy human being surrounded by my beloved family ….al7amdolelah walahe praying is the least thing we can do to thank god ,if u r sad from your mom ,dad , bro  ,sis ,friend …..etc please go right away to shake hands forgive even u have the right ….forgive forgive ,life dosen’t deserve ,how bad it feels when the the person u r sad from die suddenly  , u will regret surely for not taking the step to forgive , purify your soul and make it white….

The 3rd pole :

welcome to the funniest pole 🙂

i have been encouraged to see movies too naryat 😛

here what i have watched in the past 2 days :


happy feet :u want just to dance with him 🙂


ratatoille : and yeps anyone can cook….


Tim burton’s corpse bride : 7eloo gedan o beda7ek kaman ….:)


open season : lesa ma kamaltoo bas mosh ba6al el hay2ah….:P


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. lol…
    great your are back to write poles, nice poles and subjects, I agrea with the second but I don’t think I like watching the movies you just did watch.
    Anyways I hope that no one will write a 4 poles post talking about the two and three poles posts in the first and second poles…. :p even I am lost, which poles and which… ma 3aleeena

  2. looooooool
    Y3ni mesh 3aref shagollik…. 3a7sabek el 3enwan welpost welli katbat-hom elteneen, betmooni lak 2abadayee 😉

    O regarding your second pole, I really understand!! My sister had a course in clynical pharmacy, o they do a 2 weeks practical in JU hospital… she used to tell us the same… the hardest day was when one of the patients died… they all went home disturbed… 3njad Allah y3een elnas…

    Hope u liked Rattatoile 😀 ana mmmmmmmotet 3aleeh… o open season 3ndi bs mesh wade7 :-S
    bs taba3 el corpse bride sheklo 7elu lol
    had enshalla bajeebo o ba7daro….

  3. hisham, tnx 🙂 2aflam 6ofolyah ba3raf ……lol ya 5ofee 7ada yoktop the 4 poles post o te2leb 3ad lo3bah…….:D

    NARYAT ,teslamee yal nashmya……zgorteyah ya nora 6ool 3omrek lol ……. allah y3een el nas o y3ena kaman 2ad ma benshoof 7alat o ma9ayeb b hal mostashfah ….
    ana 7abaet el corpse bride 2aktar kteer 7elo shofee ma ra7 tendamee…….loool 😀

  4. allah y36eeky el 3fieh w y3eenek inshalla in ur work, bs el 2flam eza beddek ay shy e7keely my colleage bel sho3’ol has 500 GB 2flam DVD quaity zay ma be2oolo, bsh7anlek kam DVD eza beddek 😀

  5. allah y3afeek ya rab 🙂 teslam ya saed m7ammad kolak zoo2 b9ara7a ana mo kteer ma3 el 2aflam bas heya men fatra la fatra ba7darlee kamen wa7ad 3al fadawah….. o tnx again ….:D

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