things u should do before 18


once upon a  time there was a conference held somewhere in a luxury palace on an island in the middle of the ocean where there was a special place for our plane to land

,the bloggers all over the country met for the first time in thier life , there was a blogger called orangee , one day orangee has been tagged by another blogger called jumana , and because orangee’s work is taking a lot of her time , she didn’t answer immediately ,so she decide to say a speach in  this issue infront of all the bloggers to mention her following points :-

1) dear all , spend alot alot of your time with your families , your culture ,concepts , values are gained in this stage……

2) try hard to enrich your soul with religous issues ; praying ,reciting the holy book (qur2an), your behaviour  and character in adulthood depends on what you grew up  on your childhood.

3)play in your neighborhood with all of your friends ,its a memories u will never forget ,especially riding bike ,playing football basketball…

4) just be a kid live your stage, don’t even try to be an adult one because just u r a kid its early to be so , when u grow up u will miss your childhood so live it….

5) have an idea of what u want to be in the future its good to plan for our future.

thats what i think …..

clapping was soo loud when i finished my words , “waaaw amazing ” i have said. i wave to the audience ,suddenly a sound come through saying  “yala 3al f6oor” i opened my eyes to see my little brother shaking me, ya allah i have miss the claping part ….. he3 😀

                           THE END 


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

Posted on March 10, 2008, in tag. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. ana 3ndi nafs el Tag kman mn Naryat … bs lma afda shwai … Number 5 it took me while to figure it out, for my self i mean ….. kont saye3 shwai .. e7em 😀

  2. nice points orangee… I like them all

  3. معاذ, وك أنا بقول لازم تكون عندك , بس مين اللي طبقها وهو صغير ؟؟ ولا حدا ….لووووووول
    وبعدين والله ما انا عارفه إنت كنت صايع ؟؟!!! من المدرسة للبيت للإنترنت كافيه (وأنا معك هععع) ثم للبيت….هادي إسمها صياعه؟؟!!
    هشام , شكرا ….ويلكم……لوووول

  4. yabdo ennno feeee 7ada 3emel edit 3ala post el tagggg

    el mohim enno 2iblees ma belzamo yrooo7 3ala safarat… 2e7na el masakeeeen :p

  5. sho mshan?!! sho fee ?!! mosh wa9eltnee lesa …..looool he3

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