10 things about me..

hisham tag me ….so here is my answer….

1). my conscience & honesty at work causes me alot of problems but i keep my self up and encourage my self by remembering what god says in al-qur2an al kareem :  ومن يتقى الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب  ”

maybe because i have circassian’s blood  ?!! i don’t know, they said that we r circassians always like that ,we have either black or white ….every thing should be straight ….


2) i figure out through my small experience at work(a couple of months) that the one who lies to please his boss and keep digging holes to his colleague, that person who will reaches and sits on the chairs of respnosibility ….my problem that i don’t consider the boss as a boss i deal with him as an ordinary person if he came …so what ?!! welcome …i do what i do whenever he is here or not ….not as many do by running and polish the things around when they hear that he will come …….i hate social hypocrisy….but i do believe that you should respect any person  that deserve respect in your life….

3) there is a lovely saying i like says : if u see your self up of me will u should know that your up is under my knee….:)

4)i work in ICU unit so don’t ask me about CPR & death….it becomes a monthly  event if not weakly  here, and btw i am the only girl among the girls working with me  that dare to go the المشرحه

don’t think that i have a stone heart NEVER ….i do feel with patients i do care …..but it become somethig ordinary when u face it at least on a weekly basis … and why not saying that i have a strong heart …working there and seeing alot of things such as road traffic accidents , its really a rich experience my in life …. 

5) i love kastanah…..:D

6) i like any thing orange and green also…loool

7) there is another lovely saying i like says: لو أدركت حدود غربتي لأدركت قسوة صمتي 

8) i like travelling visiting other countries….

9) i love simplicity & spontaneity…

10) i will not tag any one coz every one already do it….loool 


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. leeesh el comments 3endek bed5olo beba3ad ???

  2. walahe i don’t know…..3endee mo mbayen 2eshe…bede 2a’3er el theme balken zaba6……….:) tnx for the comment 😀

  3. first of all yessssss zayma 7aka bahloul… enti 3endik hon beseer eshi 3ajeeb 2ba3refsh shu hu :-s

    walla ya hedaya… 3njad mesh 3aref shagollik 😀 walla el denia fiha kteeeeeer 3’ala6, o btektashfeeh bewudu7 lamma teshta3’li…
    kteeeer 7elu ennik tetmassaki b2amantik o sed2ik o tdalli mashye do3’ri… men halla2 ba2olik: el7ayah lonha mesh bambi!! lonha 2swad ko7ol… weli bedo yemshi do3’ri hu el wa7eed eli r7 yetla3 3’altan bel2a5er…

    And why not say you have a strong heart? 🙂
    Nurses and moms are the strongest women on earth, yet, they are are the most tender hearts ever… 6b3an i mean true moms (mesh makinat el tafree5) and true nurses (elli ma fi menhom bel2ordon 3’er enti o kaman akam wa7deh) 🙂

    O i have a sense that u bet7ebi el kastana men zamaaaaaan!!! mesh 3arfeh leh laba2tellik yaha 😀 t2ooli m6a2sheen kastana 3alsobba bzamanatna 🙂

    An tell u some thing? 3njad you changed b3dma eshta3’alti 🙂 one can feel that through your posts and your words… t3’ayarti lal2a7san 6b3an…

    Allah 7ayyoooo ya gada333 😉

  4. 5er Allahumma g3alo 5eeeer… t3’ayyar el theme 3abenma ba3atet el post LOL

  5. 2zdi el comment :-p

  6. lol.. I like the picture, and I like castana, and I must say very nice 10 points, and viva la adiga blood

  7. o nice new theme

  8. naryat , kalamk mazboo7 heya soda mnayelah ya bente o el sade2 howa el kazab ………..
    tnx noura 2a5galtee tawado3e…….he3 la2 fee zayee kteeer….:)
    o 3ala seret el kastannah , mara wa7da kan feha hawa sa5en men gowa o fag3at b tomee lama 2eget bede 2akolha……..:(
    hala hala b nowaret blogee……….:D

  9. naryat , o ana kaman lama shoft el theme el gdeed golet yee mata 2egat hai el comment 😀
    hisham , glad u like it all 😀 o viva la kol el circassians kaman marah…..:)
    and btw every body enshalah tkoon el moshkelah 2en7alat ba3ed ma ‘3ayaret el theme ……..:)

  10. mmmm… walahi Allah y3teeki el3afye… sheklo zab6at el 2umur heek 😀

  11. Charging …… Puuuuuuuft … no pulse … charge again ….. Puuuft …… Yeeeha good he is back 😀

    ____/\ _______ /\_______ 😀
    \ / \ /
    \/ \ /

  12. Oh ma zaba6 le Pulse diagram

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