meet the new member :)

سوار العسل


again a new member has joined belal (i have told you about him previously) she is his sister her name is سوار العسل

About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

Posted on May 28, 2008, in feminine. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. koooootchy kootchyyy!!!
    she must meet my sezam😉 bs iza 7atta 25uha ma shaf sezam!!! mahu el 7a2 3al2omahat :-p ma beshufu ba3ad🙂

  2. tnx nora😀 he3 gawyah hai ……lol el 7ag 3l 2omahat lakan :p noor ba3dain laish m’3erah 2esmo la za3tar?!!!!🙂

  3. mshan qanoon el seya7a el jdeed looool
    azdi mshan yetmasha m3 el 3awlameh :-p

  4. looooool mosh ‘3ala6😀

  5. ya ahlan wasahlan🙂
    Charmed ana😉


  6. hehehehe …….:P

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