in the memory of habib allah…

since am working at GICU( general intensive care unit ) i usually deal with adult patients …but sometimes we  recieve a pediatric babies when  the PICU( pediatric intensive care unit ) is full ( maximum 12 patients for us as a units ) one of the overwhelming stories i have faced in my work is the story of a beautiful child named habib allah … poor child ,  he didn’t know or even lived the life yet ……what a 6 years is ?!! nothing …

anyways , i have been touched by his story since i have heared it ….we have all cryed ( staff) and some have tears in eyes , i know inside that it affect me  somehow  and by days i forget it as we usually as a human being GOD bless us with the forgetness gift ……..and think that i have overcome it as other stories ….. a couple of days ago , i sat with a friend telling her a funny stories happened to me at work with patients ….and another ones that are sad also….i end up with his story and suddenly …..i just explode ….oh what?!!! okay that is a thing i didn’t expect at allllll……..i thought that i have overcome it….but seems not yet….maybe my writing will help as crying was soooo relieving….:)

it was an ordinary day …..i went to work excited ,active as usually …….we usually have 2 patients as a maximim for each staff….i have him that day only ….i have asked from the security guard to keep his mother sitting beside his bed to recite for him al quran al kareem ,since at ICU as u know visiting is just for minutes…i wonder that day how the family keep talking to him even he is not conscious :come on get up to play , we have brought you the car u wanted….come on get up your brother wants to play with you ……all your class mate asking about you ,they insist in a strong way ,he was on an mechanical ventilator ( gehaz tanafos 2e9tena3ee)….i sit infront of his mother and talked to her asking about what happened with him exactly …….the story begins when he was born ……..he borned with a head like a heart shape… at thier neighborhood keep saying to him : habib have two heads …he is like a monster…..even at the school his pals keep saying stuff at him….as a kid he release his angry at home by complaining and saying i want to have a normal  head ……parents started to think about going to a specialist doctor and ask about an operation can b done to him…… has said that the successful percentage is not enough and the complications can b huge….but that small heart has a different opinion ……he insist to do it ……sob7an allah he was planned for his death day to fly to heavens …….:( parents thought about it and hesitate …but the GOD well is the strongest…..he keeps saying every day whats today ? whats the date ? oh 23/3 is coming finally  i will b a normal child dad, mam….he was very clever child as his mam said …..the day has come …..the operation was done ……doctors cut the deformed part of the skull and reshape it to a normal skull shape and put it again……he was entered to our unit and spend some days before he passed away the day i was with him…..his blood pressure ,heart rate , oxygen saturation started to decreased suddenly …the doctor was called and CPR( cardiopulmonary resuscitation)  team was called by express …….CPR last for an hour but no signs of life has shown on the monitor  and the purified soul has flyed to heavens …..may his soul rest in peace…dad was crushed when doctor inform him and shout why ? why ?why u insist to do it ? we loved u as u r ? that momnet all of us was touched and tears was in eyes…..i couldn’t handle it and went secretly to bathroom crying 😦  (well i think its not a secret now)……


~~ may your soul rest in peace habib allah…allah yer7amak ~~


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. Very touching story … Allah yr7amo ow y7sen eleh.

    Bless You Sister 🙂

  2. really touched one, may allah forgive all of us.

  3. 😦
    Very touching!!! Allah yer7amo…

  4. mu3az tnx brother :** bless u too 🙂
    bahloul , 2ameen ya rab 🙂
    noor , 2ameen ba6ah 🙂

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