قوانين الواجب

1 – أذكر اسم من طلب منك حل هذا الواجب.
2 – أذكر القوانين المتعلقة بهذا الواجب.
3 – تحدث عن ستة أسرار قد لا يكتشفها من يقابلك للمرة الأولى.
4 – حول هذا الواجب إلى ستة مدونين، وأذكر أسماءهم مع روابط مدوناتهم في موضوعك.
5 – اترك تعليق في مدونة من حولت

1. naryat .

2. shofet 3enak . we goooo —>

1) am easily to b frightened , negmee 5afeef bangooz bsor3a , so please keep your pranks away , don’t even try to hide coz this may cause me a heart attack loool

2)i usually have an intimate connection with anything i have , either it was my blanket or my clothes or anything , i just adore them looooool…….:)

3)when i watch a romance movie or a fairy tale story i do live the story for the whole day dreaming that i am she in the movie …best of the best movies that describe what i like is the princess in the fairy tale  movie ENCHANTED ,  OMG unbelievable movie …….there is also THE PRINCE AND ME  its an amazing also, and there is  ANNA AND THE KING ……..:D 

4) i do speed sometimes when the highway is empty (ya3nee marat bakoon met2a5rah 3l sho’3ol mosh za3rannah ya3ne :p) up to 100-120 loool even my dad keeps saying not to ….:p but when they raise it to 50 JD 7aramet ba3dha he3 .

5) i do like to do my own things by myself because no one can finish or complete it as u like.

6) i am  a peacfull person in nature but trying not to b so always , sometimes making a comments about this and that or even saying your opinion  at work 4 example force the other part to think twicly before dealing with u or enroll u in a problem ….:)

thats it ……..enough ya3nee o hasa ma 7ada 3alaih wageb la2enkoo kolko 3meltoo 😛


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. mesh 3aref sho bedi 2a3alq , bs

    btnoGzi kolk ,. ??? yea3ni btnoti aza wa7ad Galek Bahhh

  2. qabbani , u can’t imagine or expect what i can do or happened if anyone said BOOOO to me……:) at least i will scream loudly LOL :p

  3. hahahaaaa…
    #1 3endi 2o5t hek… mushkele walla!!! 2bel ma el wa7ad ye7ki m3ha lazem yetna7na7 l2eno iza konti janbha o he shayeftik iza 7aketi faj2a bten2oz!! 😀 neyyalik loool

    #2 zayii… i still have blankets and dolls and clothes from childhood… 3endi bejama men 2yam saf tase3 lahala2 mesh radye akobha lol
    not to mention a blanket i can see it in my under 1 years pics 😐

    #3 ya zalameh shu had!! walik walla zayi!!!
    MAn!!! shufti You’ve got mail? OMG!!! wela Ever after… eshi mesh m3gool!!!

    #4 no comment!! lol
    5ali baba ye7kilik… qafashni qafsh alyad!! 😀

    #5 mmm… some things Roqaya does them better!! LOOOOL

    #6 bedik t2oleeli? lol
    b3dsanten shu3’ol, 7ase 7ali 2alabet 3’ooleh lol

    10/10 … baraka Allah fiki waela al2amam ya ba6ala…

  4. hehe… nice points…

    12/10.. heeek ana twasset aktar :p

  5. noor ,
    #1 o hada heya shayeftk LOL 🙂 la ana haik ma bangoz bas lama 7ada yet5abah o ynageznee bas loooooool
    #2 loool 😀
    #3 these too movies will b on #1 in my list in the coming holiday enshalah 😉
    #4 he3 😀 me too 2afashnee mbare7 3a mo5alafet 2estefaf b makan mamnoo3 el 9af fee gabl shahreen t5alftha ;p
    #5 its rare to find some one like that 🙂 ya3nee galel ele be3malo el sha’3lah ka2enha 2elhom o 2a7san 🙂 allah y5alelek 2eyaha …
    #6 wallahe zaee LOOL kteer t’3yaret , ‘3olah lakan 😀 looooooool
    yeee 3alamah kamla kaman :***

    hisham , tnx pal 🙂 kaman 12/10 walahe 2enak raheeb 😀

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