a moment of truth…



a couple of months ago i have disscused an issue with a friend of mine NARYAT……ending with saying to her that i want to delete or at least deactivate my facebook account for a reason which was spending a couple of hours on it  and feeling  that its such a silly thing  for us as a mature adults being like so ; spending hours while at that time others do things and contribute in building their future  and invest every minutes in thier lifes …..

i deactivate it for a couples of  days as i remebered ,  and at the end activate it again …..

days ago i have discussed it agian with a couples of pals and the idea of  deleting my account re-emerged in my mind again , but the decision didn’t taken yet untill yesterday , when a friend of mine NARYAT send me an email explaining her opinion and why she left it ….and because i adore that amazing girl very much and i do ask her for any advice in my life ,at that moment i  feel that i should also admit and be honest to myself  too that there was a moments in my life that i feel i am a slave to facebook !!!

whom didn’t noticed himself/herself being a slave to facebook in a way or another…..come on guys admit it …..there must be  a moments u feel so!!!!   

let me say here that every technology is like a coin with 2 faces , one good and the other is bad ….so facebook ….

BUT the question here is which face weighting much more ?  and which one u handle on your side ?!!

 i do admit that facebook has many benefits , as for me it kept me in touch with my beloved far relatives; knowing them well and let them know me well also , being connected to my beloved far brothers, knowing a very good friends which was  an owner for me to know them and have them around in my life …i do benefit somehow from facebook and i DON”T EVER NEVER regret that i was a fecbook member AT ALL it was a nice period in my life and for us as a human being we keep learning all life long,   BUT sometimes u weight the good and the bad sides,and for me i found that the bad one can weight much more than the good one which i can recite it again in points from NARYATS’ email  :

– we spend hours on a dialy basis and if not ,every other day, those minites is spent  from your life  u didn’t used them   .

– we are all find ourselfs at some point looking for some gossips and keep tracking news here and there .

– its full of social hypocrisy which is hated so much by most of us .

– so what ?!! knowing more friends here and there ?!!  who cares if your list was 100 or 10 friends  ?!! its the reality that matters !!!how many good friends u have here…

– want u admit that at some point you feel that u r under pressure in keep tracking others profiles,  pictures, posts ,groups ,playing games ?!!

– do you ever read a scientific article or a useful topic or indulged in a useful discussion about an issue….NEVER…

guys , i was a fan of  facebook but now ….no more facebook …..

i have a life to live and minites to invest and future to build ….

my friends here i am ,same HEDAYA same ORANGEE 😛 ……

back to the blogging world , to reading others blogs and indulging in useful discussions about various scientific ,social ,dialy issues and thoughts …

and viva for the blogging world  😉


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. 🙂

    هاد الكلام ما بنطبق على الكل , وعلى ما يبدو اغلب البنات بعانو مع الفيس بوك لسبب او لأخر و الشغلة التانية ضعف في التحكم 🙂

    شو بختلف عنكم مثلا , انا شغلي مرتبط بالكمبيوتر و التكنلوجيا , و التسويق و التصميم , و تطوير الأفكار و الأعمال

    يعني الفيس بوك بإمكانك انه تتطلعي على الجديد من صفحتك و خلص و تسكري ,

    بس الفضول قاتل و , بتلاقي انه بدهم يعرفو كل شي بصير و يفتح هون و هون و صور و و و إلخ

    بينما بإمكان الشخص الإستفادة من الفيس بوك بالشي يلي بلزمو و بس و ما يتحكم بفضوله انه يعرف كل شي عم بصير مع صحابه

    ما عم دافع , بس بالنسبة إلي الفيس بوك عبارة عن اداة مو عادة او إدمان
    علما انه ما بعد كل يوم على الفيس بوك اكتر من 30 دقيقة اذا كترت و كل يلي بعمله انه بفتح صحفتي من ساعة لساعة شوف شو الجديد 🙂 و بحدث الستيتس كل شوي و تانية

    لهلأ ما عم بإدر استوعب كيف بتعدو ساعات !!

    بالإضافة لهاد كلو يا طخو يا إكسر مخو ! يعني يا بكون عندك اكوانت و بتعدي على ساعات , يا اما بالمرة 🙂

    و برجع بإلك انه هاد الحكي اكتر شي سمعتو من بنات , فضووووووووول ما بتإدرو

  2. lol @ Viva… 7abbet-ha hay hahaha

    w zay ma 2aal 25oy muoffaq… I noticed that girls mostly had that problem with facebook.

  3. qabbani,
    looooool@ begining the comment in a smile 😛
    qabbani i am with u 100%in one point which is : generalization is not what i meant here ….ofcourse its an individual issue and differs from one person to another and because of this my post title was a moment of truth to myself BUT what i meant here is that MOSTof facebook users is like this addicted to it add to this we r all humans and plus arabs so curiosity is not a matter of discussion here its by default founded in our huamn race and u have said it here بفتح صحفتي من ساعة لساعة شوف شو الجديد و بحدث الستيتس كل شوي و تانية
    so if u count it at the end of the day it will b hours and why u keep sign in kol shwai to change your status ?!!! isn’t that addiction ?!!!!…..
    most of us spend hours on it, i am sure of that , so spending hours whether u post things ,post pics ,change status kol shwai or even playing games who the hell would benefit from that ?!!! no one …its u the only one u loose, to waste your time on things isn’t useful , and that was the ONLY reason that made me quiting facebook its just the time that blame me ….

    come on qabbani !!!! its not an issue of female or male here what am talking about , its an accusation to female here to said that we like to follow gossips and news and bla bla bla , i don’t deny that some females likes to do so BUT don’t forget that males also are superior on us these days in following others news and bla bla bla …..
    قباني: الحكي إلك يا جارة واسمعي يا كنه
    and that was 4 mr hishaaam 😛

  4. mmmmmmm…
    it always turns to a male-female debate!!!
    How sad!!
    A waste of time: don’t tell me it keeps you connected!! Remembering people 24/7 stuck in ur face is not being connected!! Missing them, e-mailing them, sending them post cards… asking about their news BETWEEN YOU AND THEM not on the wall like: yaaaaaaaay shufu ya 3alam ana Cooool o ba7ki zay el dawaweeen!!

    A show off tool: Each one wants to win a competent look… girls are lonely, cute… guys r zo3ran, ma 7ada fahemhom… and every one is just tired and trying to fet, and always no one understands him/her… MARKETING 😀

    A penetration of privacy: yup!! u wellingly give away ur personal info… u suddenly find every one inside ur life… and u will find nosy ppl setting on ur lap waiting for a word to pop out of ur mouth so that they catch it and run away with it looool

    Full of hypocrasy: u find urself accepting invitations and joining groups and joining causes u might never beleive in just because u don’t want to upset flan or just u wanna piss off flan…

    And don’t u never ever mention the females gossip thing again!! loooooool
    Because if i am allowed to judge it from my personal experience most guys will not like what i am gonna say 🙂 M.Q and H I do not mean you, of course… and you know that 🙂 but notice that i didn’t take the step u taken and didn’t judge YOU according to some ill-samples i found in my way.
    P.S: another GUY was complaining about this the other day, how guys became worse than WOMEN in gossip 🙂
    B3deen ta3a lahon H!!!!!! U work in JMC and u still do not know that men DO GOSSIP!!! Wella shulli jayeb dawar el madineh o T7DEEDAN qesem el handaseh 3’er el gargara o na2el el 7aki??!!

  5. looooooooool
    jareedeh 😀
    yamma shu bagargeeeeeer!!

  6. noor , no its not gargara b el 3aks its your opinion and u should feel free to express it here 😉
    6ab3an connecting with people personally is better ,asking about thier state personally face to face or via msg is way better 🙂 and regarding privacy issue in my opinion privacy these days can b easily penetrated even without facebook , anyone can get your phone # or even took a picture of you without knowing ,THIS doesn’t mean that i am encouraging every one to put thier numbers and pics, even i didn’t put my number at facebook AND I WILL NEVER EVER DO SO if i still be a member , i had put some pics seen by specific people (maneged to b private ), but for me WASTING TIME was enough to leave it …..

  7. Salam
    about me , NO FACEBOOK again

    NIce , its just taking time , & sometimes you dont want anyone to see your stuff , even the close people ,
    so LETS MAKE THE LIFE SIMPLE as it was

    o hala wallah

    hedaya , nice blog

    naryat , ready ??

  8. heyyy who we have here ?!!! ammar hina mara wa7da 😛 ya meet warda nawar el blog wala 🙂
    ” no more facebook”—-> viva for mr.ammar 😀
    yep thats the point its taking time and u sometimes find yourself forced to accept invitations and stuff just to mogamalet el nas even those who u don’t like …..
    tnx ammar for your comment and u r welcomed here 🙂

  9. Abu7ina….
    Lets take over the world!!!!
    P.S: Should we include this nice lady? I guess it would be a good idea 😉

  10. waaaa3 😦 5odonee ma3kom 😛

  11. well…
    nice debate guys..
    i liked the idea , and actually i’ve deleted my account . coz i felt it’s really a waste of time. the hours we used to spend facebooking we can do many good things instead.

    just want to wish all Good Luck =D

    Naryat sho zameelty … when we shall meet ?? :PpP

  12. emanoooo welcome sweety to my blog 🙂 ya u r right its just wasting time ……tnx for your comment keep visiting 😉

  13. lol… I guess I will just delete my facebook…

  14. شو عدا ما بدا …….أحسن إشي عملته
    but u have to write a post regarding reasons behind it 😛

  15. first of all, congrats on the moment of truth. 🙂

    excuse me guys… H, orangee, ammar and el zameeleh el mohandes Naryat, facebook is not the problem here, it is not the big problem abdan… the problem is in us ( not meant us as the guys here, us as arabs and muslims), it is in our existing culture, needs, priorities, and many other things raising us up, guys am not a lawyer instead of facebook, and not discussing this instead of it, it is how we can manage our self, how we can make bad things to be good things, how we can share, and how we can control what we can share, just one example and i think you will understand me, at the begging of Israeli invasion on Gaza people me and some of other guys make a small event on face book, to collect some clothes and food, we were expecting just the size of one home room…!!! believe it or not we were having more than 45 tons of these stuff and after that we were making another events to sorting and packing all of these things ( to get help from people in that) we were having more thatn 400 people, all of that just from facebook and another website, am not saying that you have to reopen ur face book accounts, it is a personal decision, guys let us all try to change the habits the culture, and every thing bad we have gained from our society and replace it with something more good.

    at last i will not discuss every point u wrote about, but i am convinced that every one will do the best for him or her, be in safe guys and 5loona ndal nesma3 a5barkom, l2no ba6alto men a39’a2 el facebook f el tawasol ma3kom akeed ma r7 ykoon easy zay awal. 🙂

  16. bahloul , tnx for passing by 🙂 yep am with u 100% and thats why i have said that every thing has 2 faces bad & good so u r the one who decides which one u will choose —> at the end u r the one who will b blamed for your choice and every one know him/herself better ,but what i meant here that most of facebook users spend hours for nothing ,just to share cards photoes games etc , most of facebook users doesn’t have a goal as u said ;its just entertainment …..arabs always take the bad side of everything …….. so changing habits is soo difficult ……seee what u have said ?!! facebook becomes the only communication tool in these days …why is that?!! its like if u dosn’t have facebook acccount —> communication will decrease ….!!! sho maloo el blogging world ya3neee 😛

  17. no 4 Mr. FB 😉


  18. many thanx 4 Mr. H 🙂

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