life has taught me …


life has taught me to be a strong girl ….no place for weakness in my heart .

life has taught me not to judge any person from the first looking ….first impression is not always true.

life has taught me not to think that people always  looks like me .

life has taught me to do my own things by my self  because no one can do and finishing it as u want .

life has taught me to have an experience in every thing ….to know a thing about every thing  …have a piece of knowledge in every thing .

life has taught me to be strong in any situations that needs to b so , being the wall that anyone can lie on .

life has taught me to be well prepared for death and trying to be so enshalah .

life has taught me that my dignity is above every thing in life even it will cost me to preserve it my life .

life has tought me that my happiness is founded through the others , by making the people around me happy .


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

Posted on February 22, 2009, in daily events. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Nice , and true … espically this :

    “life has taught me not to think that people always looks like me” ….

  2. ya meet wardah tnx alot 🙂 dayman haik la la7za betfaker ele odamak 2eno metlak 😛

  3. 2a555 bas law kont shab!!!
    Walla kan 5a6aftek 3’asbet 3annek 😉

    God bless u girl 🙂

    Allah ye7fazek ya Rab…

  4. sho ?!!! ya mama :S
    allah yes3edek 😀 howa mosh 2awee ya3nee 😛 meen ele bedo yenbala feyee heheheh alah y3enoo 😉 tnxxx ba66a :****

  5. walek fashrat 3eeno aslan sa77ello!!
    2al yenbala 2al!!

  6. bte3rafee be3gebnee feke 2enek حمشة أوي , o gada3a 2wee 😀
    o WALA TEZ3ALEE fashrat 3eno 9a7elo aslan heheheh 😉

  7. Lovely words …. quoting the last one 🙂

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