YES break it :)

YES its time to break  the rules —–> no more traditional white color NO MORE …..:)

orangees’ blog encourage all of you my fellow bloggers to break it ….;) 







        2143494256_70e2cf65bb  ist2_5934219-groom-s-corsage




















About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. bs ana ma b7eb el orange :p, i prefer white color… 😉 🙂

  2. shooooo?!!!!! fe 7ada ma be7eb el orange !!!!! sho feo el 2abyad yen7ab 3’areeeeb 😛
    2a9latan mo 2ai 7ada be7eb el orange 😛 gamelnee 3l 2aqal 2eee :PPPP

  3. Orange is a nice color… nice theme girl…

  4. orange ,,,, nice theme 🙂 ,,,,

    t5alyalee fostan el 3oros orange !!! shway ‘3areeeb !!! lol….
    ennu orange !!! !LOL>>

  5. mmmmm
    6ayeb lakan laffet el soo2 3abenma nla2elik fostan 5o6beh orange 3alai 😀
    amma fostan el 3oros… mmmm… momken ykun 3aleeh ribbon orange… bs wedding dress orange??? bejooz se3eb :-p
    bs el wedding cake el orange… sarrrrrrrrrr3a 😀

  6. جد حلوين وبيني وبينك استفد من كم وحدة منهن ومن كم فكرة لأنو في عندي كم مناسبة

  7. hai lal 5otbeh:

    o lal3oros ben7o6 badal el 2a5dar el 3ala had bordo2ani 😀

  8. I would put more color into an engagement but not a wedding. I think I would like it to be really elegant and yes for the most part “white!” lol goodness, girl! You love the color orange hahah

  9. vagueraz , looool ya its weird….:P
    no one will dare to wear such an orange color unless it was in an extraordinary place at an exraordinary time 😉 mmm maybe a wedding at the top of a mountain as seen in the pic itself 😉
    nooor loooooooooooool wala 2eshee fada7tena sho hal links el fay3ah hai 😛 ya3nee hasa el kol shaaf shekel my dresses ba6alat mofaga2a ya3nee 😦 hahaha ba3dain ana 3amla hada el post 2elkom mshan 2entoo t7ebo hada el loon 😛 bas el fa9a6een beganenooo 😀
    ayhamjzzan , u really made me laughing …..hehehe ya3nee masalan bedak t7o6 warda 3l badlah 😛
    batoul , in my opinion colors always can b added but in moderation 🙂
    ya allll the people prefere the white but orange has some magic in an untraditional weddings as i think …..welcome to my blog 😉

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