YeS …..;)


update : check out my fellow bloggers what my lovely sweety friend batoul has found at “HOME GOODS” ohhhhhh  what a color….



About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. LOL ya benet, inty nahfeh…
    You love this color so much that I had to take this photo: when I was at this store called “Home Goods” to share it with you.. tzakartek lol

  2. hahahahaha 😛 😀 ya 2elahee mnee7 ma konet kan sharet-hom :S looooooooool tnxxx for remembering mee and for taking the photo :****
    ya rait fee fere3 meno hoon b el ordon kan 3a 6ool bokra ro7et 6ayara 😛 😉 batoul 2entee 3a rasee ya benet :***

  3. LooooooooooL
    teslami batooleh kellek zoo2 🙂
    o enti hadoosh wallahi ennik nahfeh 😉 lol


    Realy Nice 🙂

  5. loool noor ana nahfa 🙂 mashe bas ashoofek sho kayne mohareg ana hehe 😛
    vagueraz , 2entee ele nice 😉 welcome 😀

  6. I love the Orange color as it’s vibrant and refreshing! Nice blog you got there Orangee! keep up the good work and thx for adding my blog to your blogroll.

  7. viva for MR. XTR and hatts off for him every body 😀 welcome to adiga aggregation 😉 i catch u accidentally in another blog ….ohhh an adiga guy !!!! so i thought i should add u to my blogroll 😛
    looool u love the orange also ?!! ya its soo refreshing 😛 tnx for your comment and keep visiting as we will enshalah ….bless u brother 🙂

  8. Salam sister ,
    How are you ? hope you’re fine …
    Do you know something ? you make me love the color … I have really begun to love it 😀

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