Gasping …..



through my 1.5 years experience in General Intensive Care Unit (ICU) , a common word used by our staff  in a daily basis or even by other staff in another hospital , a word called ” Gasping ”  ………

“this patient is gasping right now !!! ” what does it sound for u ??

it means that the patients’ soul is now coming out from his body !!!!

ohhhh i know ……..what a post  !!!!……

don’t know but  just found my self want to talk a little bit about this kind of thing !!!!

now for sure you wonder  how we can know that ? !!!

it can be detected through a special movement in patients’ head …..a kind of tilting it  upward and downward along with a sound just like a person who is drowning and gasping for air……the time this movement took differs from person to another ….it can lasts  hours while in another it can lasts less than an hour …..sob7an allah personally  i believe that  it depends on the persons’ faith itself …..


now u do what u should do,what your responsibility and duty ,for saving that patient , needs; whether raising blood pressure or enhancing oxygen satuaration in blood or anything u can save the patient with …..

but the hard thing is ……..

when you saw  his/her  family while they visits him/her ……u just simply couldn’t  tell them that it CAN be the last time u can see your beloved one  so they can say goodby for him or at least recite some holy quran for him/her ……u can just give them an image that his/her condition is very critical and encourage them to recite some holy quran …..

its a strange feeling when u know that this person is gonna die within couples of hours!!!!

what contradict  here ; that  on the other side i see it as a privilege for me … come?!!

our prophet mohammed said  (peace be upon him) :

 لَقِّنُوا مَوْتَاكُمْ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ ، فَإِنَّ مَنْ كَانَ آخِرُ كَلَامِهِ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ دَخَلَ الْجَنَّةَ “

i saw it as a gift being beside any one even it will be at the street  and have a chance to help in al tashahood to say : أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمد رسول الله

our prophet (peace be upon him) do that by himself , he goes where ever he heard that any one is dying and help him to do so ……

on the other side also its a way to remind you always that you are gifted by having your beloved ones beside you and living healthy …..reminded you by the fact of dying that all we will face one day …..that this life is too short and silly to worry about…..remind you to be down to earth when dealing with people because we all be there below that soil………

أكيد هلأ في منكم بحكو أوف شو هالموضوع هاد على هالصبح !!!…..بالعكس ما تحكو هيك بس حبيت أذكركم وأفرحكم شوي  إنو قديش إنتو محظوظين إنو عايشين بصحة وخير وكل حبايبكم معاكم

gooood morning every body …….;) o saba7 el fol 🙂 


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. لا اله الا الله
    أنا أشوف قطوة قدامي حتموت وتأثرت، كيف لو بني آدم 😦
    الله يصبركم ويوفقكم

  2. لوووول اسمحلي بالأول إني أظهر ابتسامتي لإنو هاي أول مرة تظهر اللغة الخليجية بمدونتي (قطوه )….:))))
    شايف بالله الله بعين شو بدو الواحد يسوي والله بنحزن كتيير وبنتأثر بس بتوصل لمرحله إنو خلص بتسلم بقضاء الله وقدره بتقول هادا عمره اللي كان مكتوبله والله يرحمه والحياة بدها تمشي…الله يكون بالعون آمين يا رب العالمين ….

  3. Sob7anallah

    “That this life is too short and silly to worry about”, how true this is! I admit I was really moved by this post because I know the inevitable truth; that someday everyone will die. I pray to god for forgiveness and to me the most important thing in my life is health. I don’t care about anything else… money comes and goes. True happiness lies in health.

    So to all the people who are going through difficult times I say this:
    If it’s any consolation, just remember that you’re alive and kicking. I swear to god this is the most important thing in life… we humans are EXTREMELY weak creatures. Any small virus you catch…. days later it might progress and you might die out of the complications. What about fatal accidents? حدث ولا حرج… Just be happy with what you have…

    Inshallah we’ll all lead a happy and healthy life.
    Thank you Orangee for this post. It was a privilege for me to read it and may it be a wakeup call for everyone.

  4. mmm…

    How deep this post is, may allah give you all and your colleagues the strength to help all people, and wish us all health and happiness.

  5. genuinely you are an ArchAngel :), and genuinely i am proud of you sis 😉

  6. I’m reading this as someone who works in the health systems in a non-Muslim country and it kind of kills. My patients are different. They don’t usually ask for a Godly power. I never grow that connection between my patients’ and religion as much as you do. I just feel bad… I never whole heartedly say “Allah yer7amo” I say “iza bseer 3leh el ra7meh, Allah yer7amo”

    But Its constantly a downer to see death. To see the loss of someone’s loved one. I fear having to handle one of my own loved ones one day. Gasping you say, tayeb ba3d ma el patient finishes gasping do you say “expired” too? lol what an ugly word. “patient in room B25 expired, we need transportation to the fridge” sigh. It used to get to me, but the more I am in the field, the more I lose senses… scary!

    Pretty insightful. Makes you think… Allah yer7amna b ra7mto. yes3edli hal saba7 :))

  7. Girl….
    I am proud of you!! You angel 😉
    Allah ye7fazek o y2aweeki o yzeedik men na3eemo … o yejzeeki kol 5eer…
    Hadooshti walik Allah yes3edik…

  8. Ohhhh guys tnx 4 your comments 🙂
    xtr , sob7an allah 🙂 i am glad it affected u somehow ,bte3raf walahe ma bne3raf 2emet el 9e77ah 2ela lamma nshoof b 3yonna adeesh el nas bet3anee , wa2teha gad lamma te7kee : el 7amdolelah betkoon bte7keha b 3omoq o mn 2albak mn gowa …..
    i am with u 100% that the health is the most happiness on earth even if u have a piece of bread and a room to live its just enough when u can walk ,breath ,laugh ,live the moments with your beloved family …people is crazy !!!! they are just running in life ,collecting money & work work work !!!! just live your life with what u have without any exaggeration in working and worrying about money and make bla bla bla ….acceptance is what we need ,that this is what GOD wrote for us to have in life and no one is gonna take what GOD wrote for me……tnx a lot 4 your comment and it was a privilege to have such a good friend like u 🙂

  9. hisham , tnxxx kaif bala deep 3l 2a5er 😛 2ameen ya rab enshala nkoon ma2goreen 3ala 3amalna o 2emanna bellah kbeer enshala 🙂 allah ydeem el 9e77a o el sa3adda 3al gamee3 ya rab enshalah 🙂

    mu3az , hala2 el mab9o6a meno 2enak 2a5er fatra mbayen 3ala el sa77a …welcome back 😉 tnxxx alot and am proud of u alooooot :***

    batoul , actually its a kind bit different here as u said and thats what i am worrying about if i want to work in a non-islamic country ….u shouldn’t blame yourself for not finding that connection its just a normal if u work in a non-muslim country ,its not u ,its the environment u found your self surrounded with…..bad feeling u have right now is a good thing indicate that u know that u should do this & that but the circumstances wouldn’t help u , and its not a guilt!!! but at least if u find someone who is muslim u can try to connect with him/her and decrease his/her pain ….
    and regarding that feeling for hearing (in almost weekly basis or sometimes monthly basis )that someone has died ,i can’t hide that it become an ordinary thing for us ,its not that your heart has been hardened ,but its like other things in life which become commomly circulate between people so when mentioned it wouldn’t sound very harsh for u ,u used to……..for us we said instead of expired : the patient is going to minus (refering to -1 where el mashra7a 3enna ) tnxxx alooot for your comment am glad that i knew finally someone who is in the medical field too 😉 😛

  10. nooora el banora 🙂 , 2ente ele 3asal o sokara o angel kaman 😉
    i am the one who is proud here ….to know someone like u 😀
    tnx tnx alott 3ala hal da3wat el 7elo hai yeslam tommek kolek zooo2 :*****

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