Magical wishes


my dear friend naryat tagged me to play this time on something dangerous ….Wishes….

i belive in the saying : be careful what you wish for …..wishes are magical and can be fulfilled the minute they are spoken ……how magical is this !!!!! as abook i am reading now called : The ice queen for alice hoffman, a story based on a wish and follwed by other wishes that comes true every time they are spoken …..

well anyway i like wishes and i find that its a way for people to continue and work hard in life …..

Here we go :

1.Try to be more close to my GOD , pray more ,recite holy quran more ….enshalah

2. Try to change myself , work hard on it , take alot of workshops and increase my skills , take  ILET+ tofel (international) ,enshalah.

3. continue my higher education enshalah

4.move to amman soon enshalah .

5. try to collect alot of ORANGE things as i do now 😛

5.and the last as you nora 🙂  …..a secret wish i whispered it secretly to myself  😉


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. Althoug you did not pass the tag, bs I will give u 10/10 🙂

    And whisper a prayer for all your wishes to become true… specially the fifth 😉

  2. What a beautiful post! I liked the way described wishes. Inshallah all your wishes come true Hedaya!

    As for wish number 2, don’t worry I am sure that your language proficiency is great! Your writing is very enjoyable and expressive, and inshallah you’ll ace both exams!

  3. naryat ,mn 3’er shar meen dal kolhom 3emloh 🙂 tnxxxxxxx :*** dalek wasperelee 2enteee 😛

  4. xtr , really ?!!! am glad i did 😉
    tnx 4 the support pal 😉 enshalah i will beat both of them 😀

  5. Nice wishes orangee.. wish you god luck with you wishes.

  6. Wooow your back 🙂

    energetic wishes i like that ….. i have no doubt that you will achieve all your wishes 🙂

  7. mu3aaaaz tnx for the encouragement bro I LOVE YOU :**** wish me luck 😉

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