2:30 am



what a name for a post  ha 😛 ?!!!

yes its now 2:30 am and i just can’t sleep don’t know why 😦

a story came across my mind ……and wants to write it down 🙂

it was a shinning day as usuall for me 😛 , even its raining out side  :), still shining as long as am going to my beloved work ,to my humanity and happiness job ….:)

i rememberd a patient who was  admitted to our ward (ICU) as a case of RTA( road traffic accident ) …..this old man , around 50 s , was hit by a big truck when he was standing ,at morning , in his farm , this truck slipped from the highway directly and come over his both lower legs , how sad it is …

we have recieved him in a hypovolemic shock ; this happens when you loose a lot of blood and bleed,  so you loose most of the blood volume in your body ,all your organs suffer from blood deprivation so less oxygen and sugar to them  ,this condition  if not treated immediately  leads to multi-system (organs) failure…….what happends, that this patient was reported to be anemic before this accident (as family inform us ) so he was in a dangerious situation already  ……he came with unrecordable blood pressure (which is a sign of hypovolemic shock) , with no urine output even he took 2 liter of fluids at ER (the 2nd sign) and he was cold enough to freeze all of us around him , not to mention here his lemon-like color ( as lacking of blood volume ) …..

for me it was the case  ; i love these situations in which you find your self working like hell , running , screaming , shouting here and there ; bring these ,put here ,connect this , what about doing this and that ?!!! what does this mean ?!!!  oh i got it here ….can anyone bring this ……all of this summarized in one word : Paramedic ….its what i like to become to in the near future enshalah 🙂 i will post about this specialty soon ….:)

sometimes it becomes a whole mess here …..so someone should be the leader ; to organize and give the roles to evey one  and control the situation in a calm firm way  , and i like to be the one here 😉 😀

All the specialist came , 2 main central venous catheter was putted to him ; 6 intravenous access was setted right away …..running fluids was connected , 5 lines running soo quickly , the sixth was for blood transfusion , i took the blood line  and started to pull out 30 ml each time by syringes and push it right away in the blood access in order to accelerate the transfusion …..each unit finished the other was ready to be connected right away …..totally 5 units of blood was given + 6 units fresh frozen plasma + 6 units platelets ( blood components ) + 5 liters fluids given ….in addition to that a medication used to rise blood pressure was runing to its maximum rate , factor seven ( help in stopping bleeding) was given also  ……all of this with no success to rise his blood pressure ……oh i forgot to mention that a warmer ( to rise his tempreture ) was used , because hypothermia is dangerous as low blood volume …..

his level of consiousness was decresed and he bacome unconsious , this will lead to respiratory failure soon and brain death …..so an intubation was done urgently to deliver oxygen to his main organs (وضعه على جهاز تنفس اصطناعي )

4 hours working with no signs of life or even any blood pressure reading…..from the moment he arrived doctors feel that he will pass away ….but what can we do ?!!! let him die peacfully ?!!! ofcourse No ….for sure doing what we can do…..the family knew by themselves that he was going to die so they was prepared already ……allah yer7amo o ye7esen 2eleh…..he passed away ….:(

not to mention here what i was looking like when i have finished ; all my ,lab coat was blood and stuff …..my face was flushed from running here and there…..Family thanked me for my effort and the doctors too…..

oh what a day …..the next day i wake up with every single bone hurts….i am seriously thinking to register in a gym as soon as possible …..;)


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. Woow .. what a great story .. Allah yr7amu .. you’ve done what you can but his time has come. I like to work under pressure, i tend to be more productive and focused, I learn alot in a short time and accelerate the production process.

    well done sis i’m proud of you 🙂

  2. I am speechless! Your job is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs around. I appreciate your hard work and your agility (don’t worry, I don’t think you need to join a gym because the hospital is already making you run like crazy!)


    Btw, it was funny when I read RTA, which in your case stands for road traffic accident. That’s because here in the UAE, RTA is the “Road and Transport Authority”!!
    As in the department in the munipality that deals with road works and traffic matters.

  3. mu3az , mmmm o ba2ool la maeen 6al3a ana 😛 😉 hehehe
    XTR , you make me speechless also every time you comment tnx alot 😛
    mmm mnee7 ele katabet 2e5te9arha lakan 😛 😉

  4. ya36eeeki el 3afyah 🙂

  5. hisham , allah y3afeek hishaaam 😀

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