It will be a beautiful memories :-)

yesterday i took these pictures of my patients’ pump …. anyone pass by &  saw these lovely flags new that this is definitely HEDAYAS’ patients 🙂

because he has a lot of medications & intravenous fluids running , every doctor pass by want to ask about his condition and what  he is  taking right now ….so i decided to put flags to summarize it all….and i don’t deny that i HATED my name yesterday for the first time in my life hehehehhe  hedayaAAAAAAAA heAdAyAaAAaA hedayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa doctor wants you …..:P

and here is the place behind the hospital where we wait for our buses to pick up after work …..and here is the place under the tree i mentioned  previously  in another post ” متى بدنا نصير ” when i saw some visitors  sitting under it ….

and this day i will remember well 😀  there was just 2 patients in our ward and i was the incharge that day ….all the ICU was emptied even from beds …alllll of it and workers worked from 9 pm untill 6 am in تشميع الأرض and cleaning every thing … was a nice day really 🙂 :mrgreen:

i was bored at work  so i remembered “ today was a fairytale ”  lyrics :mrgreen:

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress

Time slows down whenever you’re around


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

Posted on March 28, 2010, in Nursing. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. That was very creative of you Hedaya!

  2. Working in any medicine related field is so…. strange! 😐

  3. well tnx XTR i hope it was 😀 i really really love creativeness….:)
    nooooooooooooor, lah leesh 3’areeb ….faga2tene b el comment !!!! sho el 3’areeb el medical field ?!!!

  4. Yesssss…

    Y3ni mashaAllah mashaAllah… lawla enno fi beldenia nas metelkom kan ma btemshi el denia…

    Y3ni ana ma bat5ayal 7ali ashuf bani adam ro7o3m te6la3 w adal 6abi3eyyeh!!

    2oltellek enno zaman w ana z3’eereh kan 6umu7i aseer doktora? Bs awal marra shuft 7ada “mu9ab” 3anjad 3ala 6ool 3’ayart ra2yi! :-S

    Fa Allah y2aweekom 3anjad 🙂

    Ne7na kteeeeer bnet3amal m3 7alata maradeyyeh sa3beh belsho3’ol, bs lahala2 ma t3awadet…

  5. bte3rafee noor ana kaman awal-ha kan 3’areeb 2elee , bs ma3 el wa2et el wa7ad bet3awad sad2enee ….7atta 2entee ma3 el wa2et ra7 tshofee kaef 2enek ra7 tet3awadeee ……..
    ba3dain ma 2olteleeeeeeeee la2 hehehehe 😀

  6. nice and creative ,, doing what u love ,, loving what u do



  7. tnx 🙂 it differs alot when u do what u love 😉

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