My name is khan

yesterday i have watched a great indian movie called : My name is khan…

every one i know  watched this movie  cried  as i do  😛

it talks about a muslim guy named khan who suffers from a a syndrome called Asperger syndrome , a form of autism  ,he is smart, spontaneous , very honest  & straight forward  …he lives with his mom at india and moved to America where his brother is living…he started to work with his brothers’ company which sells a beauty products ….he suddenelly entered a beauty salon where he met a lovely lady …and the story begins …

its not an ordinary romance or love story  NOO…..its an emotional one describes how we always need for some one who loves us and be honest even though khan was not that ordinary man who expresses  or feels inner human intentions..he just have that syndrome who prevent him to exprees but not to love ….

she always consider him as a friend and he always consist MARRY ME MARRY ME ….she just laughed each time he said that and forget it .. one day she challenged him that she knows every single place in the town ..he said to her if i took you to a place where you didn’t ever never see  before WILL YOU MARRY ME  said okay i will( joking and laughing )….

and one day before minites from the sunrise he knocks her door …drag her even she didn’t changed her clothes yet (in her pajamas) and ran holding her hand across many streets and up to a hill…he asked her to close her eyes , and then said : now open your eye ….she was amazed of the scene …the scene of the town from a hill surrounded by fog with the view of the sunrise ….she laughed loudely , cried and said to him: KHAN WILL YOU MARRY ME ?!!

they married and raised her kid (sam )togather ….and after 11/9 Sam was killed at school because he was a muslim ….after that she broke up in an angry moment and become mad  at him because her marriage of him as a muslim cause her sons death (she was a hindus ) she screamed at him and said well khan tell all the america that you are not a terrorist & then  you can get back to me .

at this moment his  long journey begins to meet the president of the United States of America to tell him : MY NAME IS KHAN & AM NOT A TERRORIST the end he meets him and said that to him ,finally came back to her beloved one …its a long long  story ….you should watch it & u will not regret …;)


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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