Sounds craZy !!

Every day passes by makes me cRaZy  !!!

its just the idea of leaving the job soon( to continue my master degree)  makes me sad ….

all along these 3 years in my job a alot of sad & happy endings happened ….

being an ICU nurse is not an easy especially for a female nurse , it  makes me a strong woman , allow me to know actually  who i am ….i loved my job and enjoyed it …i have met a great people with big hearts & others with a small minds who at the end changed to b a better person….we all lived as a family , actually  i have lived with my colleges  sometimes more than my  own family ,  seeing  them 14 hours a day made us a big loving family , we shared our feelings our problems & our lives togather ….sometimes we get mad & sad but at the end we talked  to each other and things goes on ….

my mind is crouded with memories , names  & cases of special patients , a dear ones who taught me alot in my life …i will always remember you all  hope you do 🙂

my colleges & some doctors  turn on crazy when knowing that am leaving my job soon  ,” what a loss to our hospital & our ward , our ward will ruin without you ” some said ,these words just hurts me but at the same time let me more thankful to GOD of the good reputation lefted by ….

my work increased my self-steem , made me more strong girl with a big heart ,made me more content person ,changed my concepts & priorities in life  , changed me from inner to be a better person  …i will miss all tiny single moment i have spent laughing smilling , or drinking coffee with the team while  sharing stories about patients  ,i will miss  talking to old grandma ,grandpa , listening to them looking straight forward to thier tiny rounded eyes which are covered  with a lot of wrinkles all over thier face  ….seeing how sometimes life bacomes  soo difficult to some patients while a better to others …i will remember every single tear that may drop of my tears when a patient came back to us to say a  hi and thanking us for being beside him/her ….it ALL add something to HEDAYA & it will always do…

Thank you all for being there ….🙂


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. بالتوفيق بالماجستير,, والله مهنتكم صعبة كتيييييييييير.. الله يجزيك الخير، متل ما قلت بتشوفي مرضى محترمين ومرضى لأ، وأحيانا اهل المرضى بكونوا مزعجين، وكمان الممرضات، في منهم ملائكة رحمة وفي منهم ملائكة عذاب:)

  2. الله يسلمك ويخليكي رنوووش كلك زوووء ……هيا على الصعبه أكيد صعبه المهنة متل ما قلتي بس أحلى شي إنو بقسمي إحنا ما بنشوف الناس أبدا ولا أهلهم إلا قليل لإني بشتغل بقسم العناية الحثيثة وهاي برأيي نعمة كبيرة لإنو ما بتتعاملي مع الجمهور بشكل مباشر لإنو التعامل مع الناس صعب بالنهاية أكيد ……

  3. Thanks for sharing this, liked it 3anjad.
    “i will miss all tiny single moment i have spent laughing smilling , or drinking coffee with the team while sharing stories about patients” <== was what caught me the mOst. 🙂


  4. thanks alot 😀
    well am having a small tears in my eyes right now because i will 3anjad miss those days (“,)
    its moments and days spent that will NOT be forgotten NEVER EVER ….
    and btw i decided to read this post as a word for me in the party that will be held in this occasion at hospital 🙂 but praying to GOD to keep me stand still at this moment 😛

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    That`s sweet :), 3anjad.

    Memories are what we r all bwt in this life ,, I guess. Memories! Hope u`ll have +ve ones mOre than -ve in life 🙂


  6. Hopefully sOo pal…..tnx 4 passing by 🙂

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