To those who are living in a foreign countries Or working in health sector ,have you ever considered Hepatitis ?!

From all the diseases i knew , hepatitis remains the most scary one i’ve ever heard about  , its become a phobia for me as the number of persons affected has been increased dramatically lately  , the easy  routes of transmission   & the bad behaviors  all leads to this wide spread of the disease , actually i do a regular blood test for this particular  disease every 6 months to check if i may have  any infection in my blood   ( la sama7 allah ) although i am recently working at hospital but thank GOD through my 3 years at work i didn’t come into contact with blood from any  patient or working in any procedures  without wearing a gloves and sometimes a double one then washing immediately my hands right after , its a good habit to keep our selves safe from any diseases or infections maybe catched from these areas .

alot of questions maybe raised in your head right now :-

what’s hepatitis ?!!

what are  the types of it ?! how does each type transmitted ?

and why should i considered it  seriously ?!!

how should i as a person living in the society protect myself ?!


lets start with the first question …

stay tuned with the rest of the excited post …..working now on it 😉


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. awaiting e7na 🙂

    daroory sooret l ebreh :((((((((( ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    some of us r wusses u know 😛


  2. nice topic ! well done.

    me too here, unfortunately you will never know if the patient infected or not, i remember one patient who admitted for respiratory infection and i am the one who was in-charged for his case, after a couple of day we found he has AIDS! well i know there is no chance this will transmit to me, but honestly i freaked out!

  3. ma twayetne kteer 😛 sheklee m6awlla 😀
    hahaha now i knew your weakness point 😉

  4. yesss always every one freak out when hearing any patient having something can b transmitted :S
    ohh GOD AIDS !!!! is sooooo dangerous 😦
    take care & be safe ,may allah protect you from any harm …..

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Correction: 1 of my weaknesses 😉


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