Craziness has no limit :-)

My 2 days adventure to Wadi Ram will never be forgotten ever never ….:)

alot of funny things happened there , this photo was taken  minutes  before sunrise . Me & my brother arranged with a cute guy, who was responsible for buggies at our camp , for an early tour on buggies at morning just before sunrise .

We start driving deep to the desert ,at the beginning  we decided to take a shot ,we  get off the buggies and jumped up  as high as we can  in the air …..😀 as you can noticed there were a frog ( my older brother )  – besme ellah ma sha2a allah,  allah  ye7meeh ya rab  – and  two other barely jumping chicken hehehe …..orghhhhh i always wanted to  jump high but i couldn’t :S i wanna bite him OR fight badly : how could you do that😦 ?!!!!  you pissed me off  that day by the way😥 hehe

i didn’t mention that there were a couple of lonely camels walking beside us while we were driving on buggies ….ohhh what a company😀

We took this picture from a big mountain , ohh barely you can climb it , alot of rocks and sharp edges, anyways , i remembered climbing it at night mmm maybe 21 pm or something , ofcourse i totally refused to climb at night :S but my 2 brothers convinces me😛  oh GOD no light NOTHING except your mobile light that can barely lighten your way ….really really i was soo  scared :s

i took with me previously canned food in order to live the spirit of camping at desert in night hehehe u know😀 while we were sitting at a completely dark dark condition , even you couldn’t see  your fingers , i heard a little noise behind me , i turned back to see a little mouse , actually white one😛 , eating from my can :S  at that moment i screamed loudly and jumped just like dancing : Ahhhhhhhh  a mouse a mouse !!!!!!!😀

every one sitting around  us  freaked out , hehehe ofcourse the girls mostly saying where where ?!!! you can’t imagine how it sounds to scream at 22 pm up on the hill of a dark mountain settled in the middle of the desert  hahaha😀😀 fortunateley the little mouse disappeared quickly LOL

The view of the campus from the mountain🙂

and this is my older brother with an excellent shot from an excellent photographer 2e7em😛

Ps : No need for your sweet compliment i know i know :: wa77ad manfoo5 ra9o ::😉

About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. fta7ti el jroo7, inshallah mn3eedha ma3 el 3eeleh belaeleh🙂 Miss you :*

  2. nop its not wounds, its sweat memories :***** enshalah we will😉

  3. طب أنا بدي كمان،،، وين بلاقي؟😦

  4. هوهوووووووو قول وين ما بلاقي ……ههههه إنت اطلع هيك شوي حواليك إلا تلاقي رمــل صويــلح وجبال …ببقى ناقصك خيمه🙂 بسيطه مقدور عليها أكيـــد …..:))))

  5. bidal shwayyit waget + mazaj rayeg🙂

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