To Rami with all my consoledence…..

First of all , i was planning to have an overall changing in my blog by the begining of this new year  ; theme , colors  &  pictures but seems that i have no time actually to test these changes on my blog  last days   & thats why i have blocked my blog  permanently lateley  ….thanks for whom who asked  by e-mail really 🙂

Ok so …..

you are wondering for sure whats up ?? whos Rami ?!! consoledence !!! ha !!

Ok the story begins at  2-12-2010,  when i came to day shift that day  i was responsible for a muslim Romanian female patient named  : Margaretta , she was admitted to our unit as a case of septic shock ( a complex condition which  has many causes and symptoms but mainly severe decreased in blood pressure & increased tempreture  occur and other things ) she was also  known to have an autoimmune  disease previousely called : SLE  (Systemic lupus erythematosus)  , she was adorable lovely lady really .

The day before (1-12-2010 )  she was putted on mechanical ventilator ( a machine that supports the  patient to breathe correctly ) because she was unable to breathe   , she stabilized all the night shift & was in  a good state . 

  The next morning  day ( which i was responsible for her )  she was really really in a bad condition the minute  i started my shift ; having an accelerated heart beats ( 170 ) and developed to SVT ( supraventricular taccycardia ) managed quickly by medications …..  by the end of that day shift at 19 pm i was completely exausted , no launch , nothing ….just standing there for almost 13 hours working here & there with doctors ; samples withdrawal , intiating a couples of  medications by infusion to raise the blood pressure & sedation to keep her sleepy and comfortable all the time , administering  an  intravenous line ( dialysis line ) to start a dialysis ( 3’aseel  kelah ) because her kidneys were partially disabled to work properly ………

through these 17 days untill yesterday , i was most of the  shifts  responsible for this patient , through all these days her  two sons never ever leaved her for seconds , one of them called :Rami who was a graduated doctor working at a hospital & the other was Ameer who was  still a medicine student , i saw a lot of  people who care about each other , but in this way never ever ; clean her eyes , ensure that she is comfortable 100%  , insisting (very very  politely ) to help us in changing and cleaning her bed sores ( taqaro7at b el jeld ) , applying her a multiple of creams to her skin ……all of us wondered :  what she have done in her life to her kids ?!!! oh GOD unbelievable !!!

Her husband told me that they have  a 3 sons , all of them are doctors , she was ( after GOD ofcourse ) the reason of whom  they are today , she was a dedicated ,  faithful,  loving  mom . yesterday night i was the incharge of her ,she was in a very deteriorated state since admission   and started  in the process of dieing since morning  , so doctor has told her family that they should expect her death within couples of hours , so they decided to tell her family in Romania and her third son who also studying  now at Romania , they new that her state was in last stages as she developed a multisystem  failure ; her liver , kidneys , lungs  and has no response without any sedation …..they accepeted the situation as they really do what they can do & we have done what we can also  .

 she died at 6,15 am yesterday morning , Allah yer7am-ha o ye7sen 2eleha , on friday ( which is a good day as our prophet mohammed (PBUH) told us that  anyone die this day means that he is a good person with a good ending ) , we worked with her an active CPR ( 2en3ash qalbee) but with no signs of life & announcement of death was recorded …her husband called Rami and told him to came ….i get out  from her room because i don’t want to be there seeing him crying badly ,  as drops falls down from my eyes i moved away leaving her two sons crying like baby beside her and kissing her hands silently   ….

Moms are angels , its just soo difficult!!! i lived with them every single moment , i kept asking about her even when i was  at home ….its just difficult to see a patient since the first day  how he/she  was  &  how she/ he looks like the last day when they die  ….seeing his/her  life collapsed slowley …..u know the difficulty  came when  you know about him/ her these tiny details about the person of whom he/ she was in life , you touch how he/she is important to thier family really  ….these tiny details affect you yessss !!!!

sometimes i thank GOD that not all the cases touches us as a human being in away or another , imagine every single case as a doctor or a nurse touches you ?!!! for sure you will never ever be able to work …BUT remember that there should be some exceptions in your carrier ;  some cases that touches you deeply & you will never forget , its just a reminder for you , medical staff,  to remember that they are human beings between your hands,  precious , dear to some one as your beloved ones are to you exactly …its a reminder for you to know that there will be some day you will be in her/ him shoes ….

Things that i will never forget is : her sudden blinking eyes opening and closing i think it was the moment her soils get off her body ( she never opened or closed her eyes before ) …. her two sons’ compassion & mercy to  her ….her beautiful rounded white face with a pink cheeks  at the first day she came  …..

الله يرحمها ويحسن إليها ….أمــــين يا رب العالمين

Moms are angels …..may Allah protect them & blessed them


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  1. الله يرحمها، ويصبر ابنائها. فعلا لقد أبكت قلبي هذه القصة. الله يحفظ جميع أمهاتنا وابائنا.

  2. آميـــن يا رب العالمين

  3. الله يرحمها 😦

  4. آمين يارنا آمين …..

  5. god! very sad story .

    i know what you are talking about , sometimes i keep telling myself “keep away from the patients, dont get involve with them personally ” and in a lot of times this simply fail, you get attached to your patient , and when something bad happened you will feel so bad to the point you start imagine them every time you treat similar patient .

  6. yes sometimes involving is something that get you emotionally overwhelmed with patients …sometimes you have to because its human beings you deals with 🙂 but its something better to be avoided always 🙂

  7. الله يرحمها و يصبر ولادها

    الحمد لله انها ربتهم منيح لحتى يضلو يدعولها هلأ

  8. نعم ويسبر ما ببقى إلا الولد الصالح بعد الممات …..جزاك الله كل الخير على المرور

Any idea ?! ^_^

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