whats up hedaya ?!!

its just since a couple of days ago not  feeling very well….a busy mind , a depressed feelings , no sense of humor as always …..don’t know !!!

today at work every one noticed that , its me , i can’t hide my feelings easily , i can’t act , its always seen in my face  :-/

– whats up hedaya ?? why are you silent today ? depressed  ? its not you as always ??

– nop nothing , just not in a  mood today & a tired alittle bit   , never mind 🙂

don’t know !! afraid of the unknown, of this year , hoping to fulfill my thoughts & dreams  , what a begining for the new year ha ?!

sometimes i feel soo silly of writing my feelings , who cares ?! sad or happy me, so what ???   it doesn’t make a difference !! silly me ….

i write each day  a  posts with no title  and clicked each time at the end  : save a draft !!!

be back soOoN hedaya …..i need you soo much soo much   :S


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    I THINK there`s no need to be afraid of the unknown :), anxious, may be, but afraid, no! 🙂

    Get back soOn hedaya , ok?
    We all got our moments ,, but such is life

    *it`s not silly to write bwt feelings! At all.


  2. عادي عادي عادي
    ولا يهمك ولا تفكري كتير
    كلنا بنمر بهالمرحله
    خدي وقتك و لكن ممنوع تطولي علينا 🙂

  3. on the contrary, research found that people who wrote their memories and feelings have a healthier and happier life! so good for you.

    our brains work in mysterious way! so sometimes without any reason we simply feel depressed and anxious, but at the same time we sometimes wake up in the morning feeling happy, motivated.

    so dont worry, remember we decide what we want to be, try waking up in the morning and start tell yourself “today will be better than yesterday, i will make it better than yesterday , and tomorrow will be even better” believe me you will fell better

  4. tnx H. 🙂 yess its more anxious than afraid ….writting is always soo relieving 4 me ….from the moment i wrote these words i felt soo comfortable ….

    my dear whisper , soo many tnx to your kindness dear & your passing by to support , i do appreciate it alot i guess i ‘m already too late now 😛


    w7l , you know what ?!! i have this habbit since i was a kid 🙂 i have a small book contains some memories wriiten by me ….and about this part of feeling so without any reason hehehe i guess it happens alot with me especially at morning 😛 so avoid me in morning its not advised to deal with me …just wait a little bit untill my mood came back 😛
    i do believe in this method of keep revising the same idea in your head such as : am gonna be okay am gonna be okay ….this method do a lot of positive effect on me really !!
    many thanx to you dear friend 4 your encouraging comment 🙂

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    o bas
    we r glad u r back

  6. 3ala rasee walla 😀

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