Tips & tricks for IELTS test

IELTS test consist of 4 sections : listening , reading , writing , speaking …..

it has 2 modules and picking wish one you would like to take depending on what are the purpose of having your IELTS test , if you are wishing to continue your  studying then the Academic module is requested , and if you going to immigrate outside your country the the General module is the choice .

here is some quick over view for each section & tips for the Academic module :

( academic and general module share the same listening and speaking section only )   

A. Listening :


– Lasts for only 30 minute + an extra 10 minute to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

– consist of 4 sections of a total 40 question ( 10 question for each section) .

– types of questions :

. multiple choice

. fill in blank ( most used )

. write a short answer ( no more than 3 words)

. label  a diagram or a picture

. fill out a table

Tricks and useful tips :

1)Use ” check answer ” time to read ahead :

 At the end of each section the recorder gives you a time to check your answers , you don’t need all this time to check your answers , just use this time to look at the next section and read all the questions ahead .

2) Read 2 questions ahead :

When you look at  2 questions ahead quickly when the recorder is playing  you can easily figure out if you have missed the answer of the first question .

3) Locating the key words :

When the recorder gives you a time to read the questions just underline the key words in each question ,which make it easy for you to understand what are the subject .

(Not all the keywords heared in the audio are the same in the question , so don’t wait for the exact words, using of synonyms is something common in the test )

B. Reading :

– Last for 60 minute included the time to transfer your answer to the answer sheet .

– consist of 3 reading passage , they said that it increased in difficulty , but thats not true always because it differs from person to another , and alot  of people said that the first passage is the most difficult as happened with me in my exam 🙂

– consist of 40 question , each passage about 1000 word in length , and the questions maybe founded before or after the passage .

-Types of questions :

.True /false/ not given OR yes/no / not given:

always remember that the questions under this category  follow the order of the information presented in the passage , that is all the answers are presented in order .

. Short answer questions .

.Complete the sentences or  filling a blank: even it a word from the passage or choosing a word from a table .

. Multiple choice :

 same for the true/ false / not given question   , always remember that the question follow the order of the information presented in the passage , that is all the answers are presented in order .

.Locate the information : which presented in the type of questions that request from you to match each paragraph with a suitable address given to you

Tricks and useful tips : 

away from all the books and online tips , from my own experience i founded this way very effective , just start as the following :

. read the title of the passage ,any sub-headings and drawings  .

. move to the questions and underline the keywords in each question .

.return to the passage and read as quickly as you can with a technique called scanning …

Scanning : is word matching , its  moving your eyes quickly , its like reading or looking to the words without actually reading them , as you looking in a telephone book for a number without looking actually to the names .

Reading : understanding the words .

now if you find keywords that are the same in the questions ,  stop and read the sentence before and after .

. always try to answer two questions at a time because usually the answer for the second question come after the first one .  

. Holding the text at arms-length to allow you to see more words.

. you can practice scanning technique  with your friends , just bring a watch and a text ,ask them to  choose some words from the text and start scanning for them soo quickly , you win if you find the words as faster as you can 🙂

. you can divide the time between the paragraphs , all the web pages that gives you a tips for IELTS said that you should give the first one 15 minute , the 2nd one 20 minute , and the 3rd one 25 minute …..thats true and can fits you if  the passages actually is raising in difficulty !!! but i have mentioned that it is not always true and differs from person to another , so i personally suggest to give each passage a 20 minute and if you find yourself finishing early all  questions requested  you can move on  to the next passage ….

to manage your time and use it efficiently , write the begining of each paragraph at the top of paper ….

Example :

Parag (1) —->  11 am

Parag (2) —-> 11:20 am

Parag (3) —-> 11:40 am

remember if you didn’t answer all the questions yet in some paragraph force your self to move to the next passage .

. keep in your mind that the 10 questions for each passage cover all the paragraphs in that passage, if true/false /not given asks about the 1st and 2nd paragraphs , the next multiple choice for example cover the rest of the paragraphs .

.Number one problem in reading  is NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME . so manage your time to be : time discipline (strict to time ) , and time efficiency .

.remember that you have nearly 1.30 minute for each question included transfering your answer to the answer sheet .

C.Writing :

– Last for about 60 minute .

– in writing there is 2 tasks :

Task 1 : a bar chart , pie chart , line graph ,or a diagram

. should write approximately 15o word in 20 min.

. be academic in analysing and using of language .

. flow in a connected logical way , the examiner always looking for linking the ideas effectivelly  for example , when decriping a process in a diagram , show the examiner  that you are descriping a process by using these words , firstly …..secondly …..after that …..then ….at the end ….etc.

. never use abbreviations such as i’m , don’t  just write i am , do not.

.when writing about a trends remember to look at : the largest or highest one ,  the smallest or lowest , unusual variations , meaningful grouping .

. never ever restate the same sentence used in the question when writing your general statement , just try to formulate you own sentence which holds ofcourse the same meaning of that in the question .


Task 2 : you should write 250 word in 40 minute length.

. questios may ask you to agree or disagree with a statement , justify and support a position or point out the advantages or disadvantages of an idea  

. consist of : introduction (introduce the topic to the reader in a 2-3 sentences)—-> statement of position where you simply say your point view —->arguments for—-> arguments against —-> conclusion

. always plan your answer on your booklet before writing , start by writing a summary for your points , your argument for and against , and how will be the flow of writing .

D.Speaking : will be ready tomorrow if GOD will 🙂

هاي مجرد لمحات بسيطة عن الأمتحان بكرا إذا الله راد بضيف عليهم رأيي الشخصي من تجربتي بالامتحان  واضافات مميزة ….بعتذر إذا في أخطاء املائية لإنو عن جد زغللوا عيوني من الطباعة ….لوووول


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  1. ياااااااااااااااااااا الله
    كنت بدي أحكي عن الأخطاء الإملائية!


    شكرا ً هداية
    و الله مفيد و ممتع

    أنا ما تقدمت للامتحان بس تقدمت للتوفل و بآخر إجازة إلي في الأردن كان والدي بدرّي الآيلتس و كان متغلب فيه شوي!
    بس بعد فترة مشي الحال


    بتوقع أساسيات الاختبار واحدة في الامتحانين بس أكيد فروقات في المنهجية و احتساب الدرجات

    إذا إنت عندك فكرة كمان عن التوفل بتقدري تعمليلنا مقارنة 🙂
    شو رأيك؟

    *هيثم الغلباوي*

  2. first of all thanks for this guide, very informative indeed!

    the problem is not passing the IELTS by itself! for example if i want to go to Australia and continue my studying there , they request to get straight 7 in all section and this i think is very hard thing , right?

    did you take the exam? how much did u get? and why ?

    i am thinking to take it soon.

  3. Saed haitham ,
    thanx 🙂
    tofel local wela international 2adamet ?
    abok bedares IELTS !!! 7eloo 🙂 6ayeb 5alee y3’asheshnee shwae 😦 howa tadreso ma be3’aleb ….ele be3’aleb b el mawdoo3 eno el nas kolha mostawaha da3eef shwai , el moshkela b el ta2ses !!!
    shoof hada el link el mofeed :

    enshalah badeef 2ai foroqat ba3raf-ha tekram 😀

  4. W7L ,
    thank you very much 🙂
    yes thats true i heard that too , the new requirement changed to be 7 in all section specifically in Australia….and thats hard actually !!! sometimes u have an overall score of 7 but in some section for example u achieve 6,30 while in another 7,30 an so on ….
    i took the exam last saturday ,the reults need further 2 weeks ….am planning actually to continue my master degree at UK enshalah 🙂

  5. thx 47 the link 🙂
    and beeeeeeeeest of luck 🙂
    my dad teaches bnoth and he says TOEFL is easier! teachingh and studyingh wise 🙂

    I took the ibt

  6. u r welcomed 🙂
    mmm ma32ool ykon ashal ??
    walahee momken ….

  7. fee nas halakoona b “tajarob” bi l blog taba3hom! loool

  8. hahahaa da7aktneee……:D
    قال ارسيلك على بر ….يا موسيقى يا أدعية لوووووووول هلكتينـــــا 🙂

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