Looking for a scholarship @ UK

lately i have  spent  hours on internet searching for a  suitable scholarship at UK in the fields of Nursing or  Psychology or even behavioral analysis but i didn’t find a suitable  one yet , so if you know any institution or even a good university specifically at the north of London( prefer to be so )  that offers scholarships for an overseas students  in these fields please let me know ….thank you in advanced 🙂


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Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. it is not difficult
    just send me your c v and what do you want exacteley like option
    i will ask some people who i know here ok 🙂

  2. they said so to me 😛
    but notice that i am just looking at the north of london actually so its minimizing the chances a little bit 🙂
    thank you very very much i will do soon enshalah 😀

  3. Try Erasmus scholarships,iza enty 5ereejet jam3a mo3tamadeh elhom mitl el ordoneiieh wel hashmeieh ba5dooky 3a tool

  4. u toooooooooooooooooooooo! 🙂
    we should “talk”

  5. في موقع منحه

    صديقنا جعفر من المؤسسين و المشرفين وبتقدري تسأليه عن التفاصيل اكثر
    هي عنوان مدونته

  6. rain —-> chasing pavement 🙂
    b el monasabah ba7eb blogek 🙂
    welcome girl 😉
    tnx i will check it enshalah 😀

    haitham X( ma fhemet sheee 😦 talk ma3 meen ?!!

    whisper , u know what ?!! i saw it once but i lost his address……… thank you very much 🙂 mwaaaaaaah :****

  7. Hello Naryat! Remember me? It’s XTR !

    Anyway, I am happy to stumble upon your blog again. As always, you have been one of the most interesting bloggers out there.

    Anyway, I truely hope you find your scholarship. I don’t know much about scholarships, let alone medical scholarships.

    Hey, do you think I should blog again? I stopped because I saw many people who gave up on blogging, such as Naryat and Hisham.

    Nice to read your posts again.

  8. XTR , my friend :))) well am not naryat 🙂 am hedaya 😛 naryat is my friend ……
    happy to see you here again 🙂 waaaw !!!
    really long time since your last comment ….:)
    i have noticed that you have also stopped blogging 🙂 you should keep going on pal …why not ??!!
    i really admired your style of writing & your english is strong mashalah and i used to learn a new vocabularies from your posts 😛
    blogging has become a very powerful tool to express and share you criticism & thoughts ….
    every one has his/her own reasons to stop blogging !!!
    go back to blogging pal 🙂 its a useful world here & joyful one also ….never give up ….and think of it as your online diary when you get older 🙂 imagine that!!! your kids will run online reading what you have wrote and laugh 🙂
    keep visiting 🙂 glad to see you around 🙂

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