it never ever ….fails me

Sometimes we regret doing things ….

our brain keeps telling us : you have done the right thing ….

but deep inside you heart you know that you shouldn’t do that should we listen to our heart or our brain  ?! or what we should do ?!to whom we listen ?! i don’t know !!  ….

actually lost in between

but you know something? am a strong believer in my heart it  never fails me …never ever


About orangee

Soo simple girl , always spreading smiles around the world :) soo optimistic about her life ;)

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  1. I think these days we need to balance it out, a little bit of both

  2. Just follow ur heart

  3. lucky u!
    it always puts me in awkward “moments” !
    I go w/ brain mostly “now”

    it -after all- controls even the heart 🙂

  4. mu3az its a wisdom to balance in between , i hope to do so , actually i wish 🙂
    Rain , thats what all the girls for sure will advice 😉
    Haitham , 🙂 my heart really never fails me 🙂

  5. where did u start working!? you left KAUH, right?!

    oh this comment is not for this post 😛 but i didnt find the post “its my…yes it is”

  6. ya i left kauh 😦 …..
    hehehe i have deleted that post :Pp

  7. you are a strong believer in heart 🙂 it is available in certain age but i think so that i am a strong believer in god 🙂 just listen to me 🙂

  8. طبعا الإيمان بالله موجود الحمد لله وبأنه يختار الأفضل لنا ولكن هل الأفضل هو ما يختاره القلب أم العقل هنا السؤال 🙂

  9. In my opinion, your brain but can u neglect ur heart?? that’s the problem. our emotions sometimes overwhelms our brain!!

  10. yes exactly!! we have to balance both ….thats i’ve concluded lately 🙂

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